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In India, people buy crores worth of aftermarket car accessories each year. But are all these accessories safe? That’s one question not many ask before buying these accessories. We list out 10 popular car accessories that can prove downright dangerous. These accessories are best avoided. Sunroof A sunroof conveys a feeling of luxury and freedom, […]

It would seem that everything is stacked up against diesel engines, from environmentalists and governments to car makers themselves. Yet, diesel powered cars continue to be quite popular among buyers for a variety of reasons. Here are 5 types of people for whom a diesel car would be a much better choice than a petrol […]

Last year, Jaguar launched their entry level sedan, the XE in the Indian market. At the time of launch, the company only offered the XE in petrol guise, with a 2.0 liter turbo petrol engine in two states of tune. Finally, the company has launched a new diesel engine on the XE. Details: The XE […]

Modern cars can last a million kilometers. You will be amazed to find regular cars lasting more than a few lakh kilometres without any major issues. If you want to be in the more-than-a-couple of “LAKH” kilometer club, here are ten good habits you need to religiously practice. Warm-ups are critical According to experts, the […]

Mahindra has established itself as the leader in the affordable SUV segment in India. Cars like the Bolero, Armada and Scorpio have made the brand extremely popular in the market. While new vehicles like the Maruti Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Creta have eaten into the SUV market share of Mahindra, the Scorpio is still the […]