20 mind numbing super exotic car crashes in India

Buying a super car or an exotic car is something that only most people can dream of. Once bought, they become status symbols for their owners. Driving a high performance car is something that isn’t very easy. The level of acceleration and performance from such cars are on a different level all together. Here are 20 exotic cars that had their life cut short.

Bentley Flying Spur

accident 7

This incident took place in Hyderabad, on the ORR. The super smooth ORR is turning out to be a death trap due to rash drivers. The vehicle was being driven by the chauffeur, who was returning from the airport after having dropped the owner of the car.

He certainly looks like he was in a hurry and wasn’t able to control the car. The pictures are devastating and show how badly the car was damaged after it rolled a few times. The car was certainly a total loss since the damage was extensive.

Mercedes G63 AMG

accident 3

The G63 is a pure gangster car and one that purely defies physics. It has the aerodynamics of a brick, yet is really quick in a straight line. And not to mention the side exhausts that sound really nice. This one though wasn’t so lucky.

The owner of this one rammed into a truck while trying to negotiate a turn. This incident took place in Lucknow and the driver was critically injured. The G-Wagen is an old car and it shows in the way the car absorbed the crash and the vehicle structure deformed.

Jaguar XF-R

accident 2

To most people, this will look like just another crashed Jaguar. But this one is not your everyday Jaguar. Sadly, this happens to be one of the few XF-Rs that are present in the country. How it managed to be in such a condition is not known but one look at it is enough to say that it has had a rough time.

Though there is not much damage to show on the body, it is underneath that most of the damage has occurred, as can be seen from the picture. The XF-R is powered by a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 making 503 Bhp and 625 Nm.

Porsche Panamera

accident 10

The Panamera was Porsche’s first sedan. The vehicle has always been criticized for not being very good looking. Well this one managed to end up taking that to an all new level. This incident happened in Delhi where the driver crashed into an auto and a taxi and then managed to flip the car a few times. As badly as the car is damaged, the occupants of the vehicle managed to walk away with minimal injuries. Talk about German build quality.

BMW 640d

accident 9

This was a very tragic incident wherein the person driving died in hospital. Details on the crash are not known but what is known is that the driver managed to climb on top of the railing of the flyover and flip the car a few times. He suffered head injury as the roof caved in. The car was new and was on a temporary registration.

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