10 SUPERBLY modified bikes from TNT motorcycles

The modification scene in India has a handful of modders who do outstanding work. Come to the northern part of the country and such modification houses become scarce. TNT Motorcycles from Delhi is an outlier known for building gorgeous bikes. The modder has worked on a wide range of motorcycle brands. Here are 10 of TNT’s best mod jobs.



It was one of the motorcycles that made the customisation house famous. The Shunya is said to be the ‘World’s lowest Royal Enfield Bobber’. The donor motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Electra 350.
The design involves a custom built chassis with a Hardtail and a custom design front end springer suspension inspired by a 1948 Harley-Davidson.

The front fork has a rake of 45 degrees. The motorcycle was thoroughly tested after making digital renderings for chassis stability. The motorcycle was completely put together in-house and took more than 1000 man-hours to finish. At 8-feet in length, the Shunya looks extremely desirable.

Continental GT Roadster

Royal Enfield GT

The Royal Enfield Continental GT is a unique looking motorcycle in its stock form. TNT Motorcycles took the model, chopped and welded it to give it a different identity altogether. The Cafe Racer DNA of the motorcycle has been replaced with a more forward sitting posture.

Royal Enfield GT_1

The handlebar has been changed to a higher one while the swing arm gives way to a new customised, single-side swingarm. The chassis gets a red paint and the headlamp gets a sky blue tinge. The Continental GT also gets a new customised exhaust with muffler placed under the seat. A custom leather seat and a leather pouch complete the look of the motorcycle.



This steampunk-ish motorcycle was built for the IBW 2015 build off championship. The bobber sports a grey custom chassis and an elegant, conical red fuel tank. TNT Motorcycles has installed dark brown wood accents on the fuel tank.

In automotive terms, the word Kamaani means leaf spring and the motorcycle gets a girder damping with leaf suspension to get the name. The complicated setup also gets disc brakes. The setup is so unique that the custom house has applied for a patent for the same. The motorcycle is powered by a 500cc UCE engine taken out of a Royal Enfield Classic.



The beautiful Rasta is based on a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight. The motorcycle gets a customised milled duralumin top tree plate, knurled steel handle risers with drag handlebar. The fuel tank has also been swapped with customised Rasta theme fuel cap. There is also a customised 9-inch wide aluminium wheel spoke with 80 SS spokes in the anti-clock arrangement.

The swing arm is also custom made. The motorcycle gets a customised metal paint job on the fuel tank with blacked out fittings and caps. The rear fender is handmade while the chassis has been modified to house a wider tyre kit.

Yamaha YZF-R15


Motocross culture in our country is next to zero. There are very limited options when it comes to motocross bikes in India. Seen here is a Yamaha YZF-R15 that has been transformed into a motocross-spec motorcycle.


The motorcycle retains the Deltabox frame but everything else moves about to take a beautiful final form. The motorcycle gets a customised fuel tank and custom exhaust that is now upswept. The clip-ons have been been replaced with a single piece handlebar. The motorcycle also gets off-road spec tyres and spoke wheels allowing it more flexibility.

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