10 vehicles that we Indians must be proud of

While the country celebrates Republic day tomorrow, we wondered why the cars and bikes should be left out. Here are 10 vehicles that India should be proud of.

Tata Nano


The Nano, the brain child of Ratan Tata is a car that was built with a lot of hopes and aspirations. Since Mr. Tata wanted to provide an alternative to bikers, he decided to build a cheap car as a replacement for them.

While the company managed to meet their promise and price the car at Rs 1 lakh, that tag of being a 1 lakh car didn’t do so well for the company. Most of the car was developed inhouse with designing being done by I.D.E.A.

Reva i

Mahindra Reva-i

The Reva I is a car that India should be proud of. The company was the first one to come up with electric cars in India and was designed and developed in India for the global marke. It was built in India and exported to other markets around the world as well. While the global market didn’t really like the car much, it wasn’t very expensive due to the rebatss got, this being an electric vehicle.

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio Modred 1

The Scorpio was launched in 2002 to celebrate 50 years of existance of M&M. The vehicle also happened to be the first in-house vehicle made by the company. It was developed with inputs from AVL Austria and other consultants from Japan. Only 23 engineers worked on the whole project.

DC Avanti

DC Avanti

The DC Avanti is India’s first home grown sports car. Thought it  might not be to everyone’s liking, it is still a great innitiative. DC decided he wanted to build an affordable sports car for the masses, and this was the answer. Power comes from a 2.0 liter engine making 248 Bhp and 241 Nm.

Tork T6X

T6x (3)

While we talk about electric cars, Tork is the first Indian company to come up with an electric bike. The bikes comes from a Pune based start up. It has an electric motor which is capable of taking the bike to 70 kmph. It manages to cover 100 kms on a single charge and can be charged to upto 80% in just 40 minutes. It is also modern having the ability to connect to the cloud.

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