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Surprisingly driving a well-maintained classic is a breath of fresh air in this world of overly modernised automobiles. Not that modern is bad or anything, but some of the character — that is abundant in old cars — is lost in the process. We look at a few oldies and try to justify why they […]

Mercedes Benz W123 Used car prices: Rs 4.5 lakh You want a reliable classic but one that’s fairly modern to run and own, backed by a brand-name that’s synonymous with luxury and a car that looks like God descended to design it all by himself? That’s the W123 for you! The car from the ‘70s […]

This is something very unexpected. The Ford Figo Diesel has just beaten the Fiat Punto Abarth hands down, and the Baleno Diesel has beaten the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI by quite a margin. Well, this test happened on a track, and saw budget turbodiesels killing higher priced turbopetrols. The Figo clocked 1:21.2 (1 minute 21.2 seconds) […]