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India is a country where most people buy SUVs so that they can bully other road users to make way for them. Not all SUVs are intimidating enough though. Here are the affordable intimidating SUVs on sale. Mahindra TUV300 The TUV300’s design was inspired by a battle tank. It goes by the tagline, ‘ Tough […]

The Indian market is a continuously evolving one. In such a market, trying out new things to stay in the game is important. Here are the the cars that have set the trends in the Indian market in recent times. Renault Kwid “Big on style” in the cheapest car segment   The Kwid is the […]

With platform sharing it’s common to see one model spawning a couple of different body types, including panel vans and pickups. However, that’s not common in India. So when someone needs to add some utility to his/her vehicle, he transforms the car into a more practical pickup truck. We look at a few of these […]