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The Thak-Thak gang operates in and around Delhi, targeting unsuspecting car drivers and robbing them of their valuables. What was only a theft until now turned into something much more ugly. Pradeep Singh, a resident of Vijay Colony in Burari, knew all about the Thak-Thak road scam and was well prepared. Yet, he found himself […]

“Thak Thak” or knock knock. Someone’s at your car’s window. You respond to the knock by either lowering your window and enquiring, or even perhaps opening the door to get a grip on what it’s all about. Poof, and your bag or whatever valuable was on the front passenger or rear seat is now gone. […]

Mahindra has added a new car to their electric vehicle portfolio. After launching vehicles like e-Verito, e-Supro van, the company has now launched the 4-door variant of the e20 christened as e2oPlus. The electric hatchback will be available in three variants and the prices start from Rs. 5.46 lakh while the top end variant carries […]

Mitsubishi is a company that is not spoken about much nowadays, sadly. While the company still sells the Pajero Sport and the Montero SUV, they have completely lost the plot in all other segments. This is mainly due to lack of service stations and fear among customers regarding the commitment of the company in the future. […]

Mahindra has an in-house customization department called Mahindra Customizations. The outfit has just come up with an outrageous mod job on the facelifted Scorpio called the ‘Xtreme’. This custom job on the SUV converts it to a double cabin pick-up truck. What is the Scorpio Xtreme all about? The car is targeted at customers who […]