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A Renault Kwid owner, Kedar Baride, has taken to Facebook to express his anguish against what he calls “strength” of the popular hatchback. The Kwid in question was rear ended by a Tata Indica, says Barade, and was badly damaged. This accident led to Mr. Baride’s wife suffering severe spinal injuries while he and his […]

Prisma is the latest photo editing app to take the internet by storm, and from today is available even for Android users (was restricted to iOS users until now). This app adds effects to images, making them look like paintings. We just tried Prisma on a bunch of popular Indian cars & SUVs. Here are […]

Yes, you read the title right. In India, most people who buy the Bolero do so because it is a cheap utility vehicle that doesn’t require much maintenance. However, this customer in South Africa has gone ahead and replaced the frugal turbo diesel engine with a massive Toyota/Lexus V8. The engine in question is the […]