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Electric two wheelers are something the Indian market is not new to. We have previously had YO bikes and other electric scooters as well. However, we have not had any electric motorcycle though. Meet the Tork T6X, India’s first fully electric motorcycle. The bike has been launched at an event today in Pune and is […]

Depreciation has always been proportionate to the age of the vehicles. With each passing year, we know that the vehicle that we own has lost some of its value. It is not always true, though. Meet these 5 cars that have only become more expensive as years pass by. Hindustan Contessa Launched at: Rs. 90,000 […]

Datsun launched the limited edition of their most popular hatchback, redi-GO. The limited edition gets a lot of extra features at a price of Rs. 3.49 lakh, which is around Rs. 15,000 extra from the top-end variant of the redi-GO. The changes in the car are limited to cosmetic ones and no engine changes have […]

Mercedes has been on a model offense in the country lately. The GLC plays an important in that. It is also an important launch for the company as it is the first SUV from the brand in this segment. The CBU version was launched earlier this year and was competitively priced. The vehicle takes on […]

India sadly doesn’t have much of the car culture that other countries have. It’s mainly down to the fact that most of the iconic cars of the world never made it to India. Those who wanted such cars had to resort to building replicas. Here are 5 such cars. Mahindra Bolero to Mercedes G-Class The […]

2017 is going to be a good year if you’re a lover of affordable SUVs. Not one, not two but five new sports utility vehicles will land into India, making it very interesting for the buyer. Some of them will compete with the XUV, others will sit either above or below. Here’s all you need […]