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Indian automaker Mahindra has just acquired iconic British motorcycle brands BSA and Norton. Mahindra paid 28 crores for 100 % stakes in these brands. Mahindra group company¬†Classic Legends Pvt Ltd (CLPL) is now the owner of the British bike brands. BSA, Norton Who? BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms, and was founded more than 150 […]

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is one car that has received a good response in the market. The pick-up has become the best-seller for Isuzu in India. Recently, the company issued a recall to after repeated customer complaints of jerky power delivery when the engine is in lower rpm. Why the recall? The recall comes after receiving […]

There sure are good looking modifications that take the muscular looks to the next level but some others make SUVs look clownish. Here are 6 modifications that can make any SUV look stupid. Avoid them! Add a zillion lights The auxiliary lights have a purpose of lighting up the way when you’re following an off-road […]

The Swift is all set to get a major update next year. Spy shots of the same have been doing the rounds from across the globe over the past few months. Since the Swift is going to be upgraded soon, the Dzire will get a similar treatment as well. My friend, Rohit Dagar managed to […]

The Suzuki Swift is a global car and has been around for a long time. Along the way, many have hit the modification route. Here are 10 insane Swifts, some lessons on how not to modify this hatchback. Parrot Swift The green colour only look good on two things in this world – one breed […]

Hooded Swift A lot of fake air-scoops on the hood will add 200 BHP to the car! That must be something the car owner must have heard from the modifier. The car gets loads of creepy looking fake air scoops on the hood. There is also a contrast black coloured body kit on the car. […]