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With the diesel ban finally being lifted, car manufacturers are pretty happy. However, there has been a shift in the customer mind set towards petrol cars ever since the ban and new laws set by the NGT. People are now looking more towards petrol offerings since the price difference between petrol and diesel fuel isn’t […]

There are some famous people out there who don’t use flashy cars all the time. They like to blend into the crowd so that they aren’t harassed. Here are 8 such people. John Abraham Nissan Terrano John is the brand ambassador for Nissan. He is quite down to earth. Like Dhoni, he is also more […]

Anil Kapoor Maruti S Cross Anil Kapoor is a star that needs no introduction. Bollywood, Hollywood, Indian television, international TV series, you name it and he has been a part of it. The actor has a whole host of vehicles. He is the main star in the Indian edition of the TV Series 24. For […]