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In the crazy world we live in, modifiers sometimes try to customise cars to make them look good, but it so happens that the results are anything but beautiful. We look at some body kitted examples of otherwise nice-looking cars that now look ugly. Honda City by DC If there’s a design house which has […]

Honda Z3 BMWs once had very polarising designs, so they were either loved or outrightly hated. The Honda City ZX has one of the least polarising designs. When you mix the two, you easily get something that’s going to be hated universally. Someone might mistake it for a BMW, but all it needs is another […]

The all-new Porsche Panamera was unveiled last evening in Berlin. It now gets new, more likeable styling, a better interior, and new engines. On the design part, the new Panamera gets new head- and tail-lamps, a 911-like LED cluster and a light strip between the rear units, new bumpers both at front and rear, and updated dimensions: longer, wider, […]