Vijay Mallya has been an enthusiastic car collector. He had close to 150 vehicles at one point in time. Due to him fleeing from the country without repaying debts, his possessions are now being put up for auction. A batch of his cars were previously auctioned and now, another batch was put up for auction […]

After a gap of over two months, we are back with another edition of exotics that have made their way into our country. Here are 5 such vehicles. Dodge Challenger Dodge is a brand that is a part of the Fiat group. While the group does sell the Fiat and Jeep branded products in the […]

Ford India has introduced an all-new variant of their popular compact SUV, the Ecosport. Christened the ‘Platinum Edition’, it has gotten a few technological updates that give it a more modern feel, till the facelift comes that is. What’s new? Visually, nothing has been changed in terms of design. There are a few small touches […]

As we have mentioned before, the Swift is one of the most modded cars in India, due to its youthful and sporty persona mainly. Since the all-new Swift is coming to India soon, here are ways to give your existing Swift a makeover: Body kit This is the easiest and the change that is done […]

Interiors Since most of the time is spent inside the car, one way to upgrade the car is the interiors. A lot can be done interms of colours, materials, additional gauges depending upon your requirement. DC has even come up an interior upgrade for the Swift. ICE There are a lot of aftermarket ICE possibilities […]

Tata has finally introduced the much awaited Hexa in the Indian market, with prices starting from 11.99 lakhs. The car was first showcased at the Geneva Motorshow back in 2015, and it has taken close to 2 years for it to finally reach our market. While this is the replacement for the Aria, it has […]

Just a few days back, there was a scoop which showed us that the Wagon R is getting an update and that the Stingray and the Wagon R models are being combined. This led to a lot of confusion on how the change was exactly going to take place. Now though, clear details have emerged […]

We have covered a few copycat cars from China over the past and thought we would find a few more that have been copied and do a montage of all of them. Here are a total of 50 copy cat cars that have come from China. Ruili DoDa V8 vs Toyota Alphard The Alphard is […]

The Chinese are well known for making imitations of all sorts of products and selling them at a cheaper rate. From a fake watch to a fake phone, they do it all, so how can the cars be left behind? LandWind X7 vs Range Rover Evoque In the first glance, the X7 will come across […]

Geely Merrie 300 vs┬áMercedes Benz C-Class The Mercedes C Class was the entry level sedan for the brand till the CLA came along. Since the brand image of the three pointed star has always been very aspirational, people work very hard to get one. If you are from China, you don’t have to worry much […]