Not all of us can afford high-end cars that have cutting-edge features but we surely can customize our cars with high-tech features. Thanks to the aftermarket, even budget cars and SUV can look and feel high-tech. Here are 10 accessories that’ll help do just that. Blind spot warning system There’s only so much the wing […]

Here are 5 more accessories that’ll make your budget car look and feel high-tech. Heads-up display (HUD) This is straight out of military technology. Fighter jet pilots have been using HUDs so that they can look through their jets’ windscreens while still having access to important information. Now, using a HUD projector, you can beam […]

With great power comes great responsibility. Well, most supercar and superbike owners in India are aware of this. Yet, these high-performance machines are extra dangerous in India than in developed countries. Allow us to explain! If you can drive a Tata Nano, you can drive a Lamborghini Aventador In other words, the lack of licensing […]

Here are 5 more reasons why supercars and superbikes are extra dangerous in India. Lack of adequate training facilities Also, the lack of closed tracks also means that supercar and superbike owners cannot train themselves to handle these machines better. While it’s true that there are a few training programs that manufacturers and private academies […]

In India, people buy crores worth of aftermarket car accessories each year. But are all these accessories safe? That’s one question not many ask before buying these accessories. We list out 10 popular car accessories that can prove downright dangerous. These accessories are best avoided. Sunroof A sunroof conveys a feeling of luxury and freedom, […]

Here are five more commonly fitted accessories that can prove to be very dangerous. Bullbars   People spend a lakh or more to buy a vehicle with airbags. They then put a bullbar in front of the bumper, making the airbag redundant. Yes, bullbars can interfere with the working of an airbag, which is why […]

It would seem that everything is stacked up against diesel engines, from environmentalists and governments to car makers themselves. Yet, diesel powered cars continue to be quite popular among buyers for a variety of reasons. Here are 5 types of people for whom a diesel car would be a much better choice than a petrol […]

A 14 month old toddler was playing with her elder sister (another infant) on the pavement in front of her house at JP Nagar, Bangalore. Moments later, she strayed onto the road, even as a Honda Civic had begun reversing from the opposite house. Both the front and rear wheels of the Civic ran over […]

Italian motorcycle maker SWM will storm India during this year’s festive season with not one, not two, but three high performance bikes. These bikes are expected to carry price tags between 3 lakhs, for the cheapest 440 cc cafe racer, to about 5.5 lakh rupees, for the top-spec 600 cc adventure tourer. SWM who? SWM […]

Stunters dream of their stunts going viral, but sometimes this is not a very good thing, especially when you stunt on public roads. Chandigarh police tracked down one such woman, Ravinder Kaur, whose stunts on public roads went viral, and fined her 3,000 rupees. Ravinder Kaur a.k.a. Ruby is a Chandigarh-based gym trainer and bike […]