Bajaj Pulsar 250 cc launch by 2006-end

And not a minute too early either.

April 11, 2006

More than a decade after rumours of the first 250 cc motorcycle from Bajaj - that was supposed to be a Kawasaki Ninja 250 - and several years after the first Bajaj pulsar hit the streets, hamara Bajaj decides that India has finally grown up. So, a 250cc Bajaj Pulsar will soon be tossed our way soon.

We have seen 200 cc-plus motorcycles in India before - and I don't mean the venerable Bullets and Electras and whatnot. We had the Jawas and the Yezdis, and recently we saw the Hyosung Aquila selling in India at prices which could easily get us a used Maruti 800 or a Zen.

Anyway, all that is in the past. Those who craved a 250 cc motorcycle in their college years are paunchy old men now, and the memory of their family at home do not allow them to blast around on a motorcycle anymore. Not to mention that those who banged together their own full-fairings for their motorcycles have teenaged kids now, and India stil does not have a full-faired motorcycle yet.

No matter. The Bajaj Pulsar 250 cc will be launched by 2006-end.

2006-end? That's 8 months from now, and by then I would have put on another couple of inches around the stomach. No matter. Thank Bajaj for small mercies.

So what do we know about this blazingly fast, super powerful, adrenaline pumping, iron machine?

Zilch. We know nothing. But neither do you. So there.

Anyway, one can reasonably expect it to be faster than the Hero Honda Karizma, and the current crop of 150 and 180 DTS-i Pulsars. Bajaj is usually smarter with pricing than most, so we can expect that it would, at worst, cost as much as the Karizma.

Are those tears of joy that's flowing down the sides of your aging cheeks? Tut tut. Tough guys don't cry.

Will it have a monoshock? Probably not, it will be too dramatic a step for Bajaj - somewhat like the Eskimos abandoning their dog sleds for motorized toboggans. 

And hey, don't push it. Or Bajaj could delay the launch, and instead of riding it, you could end up applying for a motorcycle loan for your teeanged son. Any Indian automobile company can do that. They like to see you cry.

Now, there, be a nice boy. Your toy is on its way. So what if you are pushing 40 now?