Bajaj launches Pulsar DTS-Fi 220 cc motorcycle

Bajaj unveils Pulsarís new avatar.

25 June, 2007

Combining an innovative pro-biking experiment with something even better, Bajaj Auto on Monday unveiled its 220 cc motorcycle Pulsar DTS Fi model. The launch came together with the opening of its first probiking' showroom in New Delhi.

The Pulsar DTS Fi model has been priced at Rs 81,280 (ex-showroom Delhi), said the company. The bike was initially test marketed in Pune earlier this year and dispatches for the motorcycles have started for all-India launch of the bike. The Pulsar DTS Fi is the first bike in the Indian market to have both front and rear disc brakes. The new bike will be made at Bajaj Auto's plant in Aurangabad. The plant will make 50,000 units of the new bike a year.

Pulsar DTS Fi

The company expects that sales will rise to more than 200,000 units a month from October after the launch of this new motorcycle. At the launch of the new Pulsar DTS Fi, Bajaj Auto said that motorcycle sales in the next two months were expected to be flat and would revive only in October after the launch of a new model. The company had sold 167,008 motorcycles in May 2007, which was in fact a decline of 15 per cent compared with the May 2006 figures. Bajaj had slashed motorcycle output by around 30,000 units as demand slowed due to high interest rates, it said.

However, things are expected to change. According to top officials, bike sales would rise to more than 200,000 units a month starting this October. Bajaj expects a 50 per cent increase in exports in the fiscal 2007-08.

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi photo

The newly-launched Bajaj probiking showroom is the seventh one in the country and is an exclusive dealer shop to provide complete biking experience to the customers.

So, what next? Bajaj has lined up plans to develop a small four-wheel commercial vehicle and a small car too. The small car will be a high-tech 'experimental car', say the top brass. The company described it as a Bajaj Pulsar on four wheels.

Now what does that mean? We are quite clueless. Why would a motorcycle company create a high-tech, experimental car that is a motorcycle on four wheels? One, as a concept design, to show off your engineering and design skills and future vision. Two, a motorcycle on four wheels is usually called an ATV or Quad. Surely, Bajaj is not planning to produce an ATV for India, considering the legal problems involved in getting an ATv certified for on-road use? We suspect it is the former, or Bajaj is deliberately playing a misleading game here to throw others off the track. Guess we will have to wait and see.