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  1. Thanks Jignesh. We use bhp figures – 92 bhp for Linea. And the latest specs are only 195/55 R16 as per details on Fiat’s web page for Emotion. It’s 195/60 R 15 for Active variant.

  2. Thanks for update but I purchase 2012 Linea Emotion. So Tyre sizes are as follows Emotion 205/55 R16 (Alloy), Dynamic 195/60 R15 (Alloy), Active 195/60 R15 (Steel). I think Fiat site also have correct info. You can check out.

  3. Thats a quick update Roshun :) I just want you expert to drive this beauty and give a perfect review because this car is much more better then the rest. Thanks

  4. Thanks Jignesh. We’ve done a full review with the 2012 petrol Dynamic. Why don’t you give us an owner review of the diesel – I’m sure you really love the car, and your inputs would be loved by other Linea buyers. You’ll see the link on the top left panel under your name to write an owner review.

  5. I learnt about Renault Fluence through Newspaper advertisements and the internet. The Fluence was never in my budget as it was very highly priced plus there are other reliable time tested brands available in the market.

    I saw your advertisement for the Renault Fluence Diesel Advantage edition in the newspaper and immediately asked for a test drive. My horror drama unfolds here with Renault who are fooling/misleading the Indian consumers.

    There is no Advantage Edition available with the dealer at Kolkata West Bengal who is offering me a discount of Rs.1,00,000/= on the unsold E2 WHITE model only which is back dated at an Ex showroom cost of Rs. 12,67,000/= after discount. I wish to use the car for my personal and family use and my wife and children hate the white color Fluence .

    I immediately called up the customer care helpline and they informed me that the Fluence Advantage Edition was available in Kolkata in 3 Colors at an ex showroom price of Rs. 12,16,000/=

    My trust is simply lost with Renault as your dealer is over charging me Rs.51,000 and not even giving me my choice of color. I seriously think Renault are never going to be successful in India as they will never gain the trust in the Indian consumer by cheating and misleading them.

    I want help from customer care which I doubt exists with Renault. Please HELP me get a Black Renault Fluence Advantage Edition at a justifiable ex show room Kolkata cost of Rs.12,16,000/= . I have already paid a token booking advance of Rs.51,000/= to your Kolkata dealer at Chowringhee Road .

    Please treat this as notice since I am taking this matter up legally and knocking every available door till justice is done.

  6. Hello Team, The VW Polo 1.2 Comfortline Petrol has inbuild Music Sytem with 4 speakers on 4 doors but the same is not updated here on cartoq. Still it shows that is has no inbiukd music system.

  7. Hello Team, The VW Polo 1.2 Comfortline Petrol has inbuilt Music System with 4 speakers on 4 doors but the same is not updated here on cartoq. Still it shows that is has no inbuilt music system.

  8. i20 fastest acceleration 0-100 in 12.5 secs,avg city 15.5,highway 19,punto 0-100 in 14.5 secs.slow by 2 secs equal to swift ddis.avg city 14,highway 19.ingear acc. of punto in diesels is one of the fastest.

  9. Also think about the service cost too. Say Polo, Punto and Swift all diesel variant has different paid service including spare and oils cost.

  10. for Polo need about 9500/- for first paid service at 15000 kms including engine oil, all filters and etc. Punto need about 5500/- after 15000 km but Swift required about 3500/- after 10000 kms and need 8500/- after 20000 kms. So at per 30000 kms service cost including normal things comes up about 19000/- for Polo, 11000/- for Punto and 12000/- for Swift.

  11. Cartoq Need your expert Advice: First of all, i want to thank the Cartoq for bringing up regular updates in the Auto industry. I am in pursue of buying a Mahindra Scorpio crde sle 2009 model with a mileage of 78000 kms. The car looks pretty good in condition and i am being asked an amount of 5,70,000. I love the Scorpio feel and the driving pleasure is pretty awesome. however i have checked the car reviews from the customers mentioning that this car is not a good deal as it really empties your pocket at service stations, i have also head about the clutch and the injectors problem being observed in this car. Please throw some light on making a deal for the SAME .

  12. Dear Dilip after rising the seatback, the luggage capacity of maruti swite will be 232 litres where as it will be 368 litres when seatback will be folded.

  13. please update your information about polo diesel highline 1.2 now comes with usb and aux port plus steering audio controls..electronically adjustable rearview mirrors..and automatic climate control..

  14. Most small car Best suitable for city like mumbai. Easy drive in traffic.
    Most unsuitable for small cities or semi long distance trips.
    If you drive more than 300 km body ach will start.
    front suspension as good as not provided.
    Rear suspension good.
    I am using since last four months now dreaming to change.

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