The concept of self-drive car rentals is slowly gaining pace in India with companies such as Carzonrent’s Myles car rental service, Zoom car and others adding to their self drive fleets. The latest is a fleet of Tata Nano Twists that have been added to Carzonrent’s offering. The service called “Myles-City Drive” has first been kicked off in Delhi, with about 200 Tata Nano Twists available for self-drive car rental in 43 locations across the city.

Self-drive car rental has a lot of benefits associated with it, especially for those who want some privacy, would like to stay in control of things and who simply love driving. The biggest advantage is that it works out far cheaper than a cab-with-chauffeur service. For instance, this Tata Nano Twist self-drive rental from Carzonrent’s Myles-City Drive service, costs just Rs. 99 per hour.

Or if you want to book it for a full day (recommended), you can book a Tata Nano Twist at Rs. 399 for a full day. To avail of this service you just need to log into the company’s site and book your car using a credit card, and specify the pick-up location. The company will keep Rs. 5000 as a refundable deposit that’s given back the moment you drop off the car (after adjusting against any charges for delayed drop off). All you need is a valid driver’s licence and a credit card to avail of this service.

The Tata Nano Twist is a very convenient city car, with the addition of power steering making it easy to  drive around the city. This service would be especially useful for executives who fly in from out of town. Or for those who have a bunch of errands to do at various corners of town. The cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel and have a mileage limitation of about 200 km a day. These cars come with a black number plate with yellow lettering (lease car RTO specification).

This service is also useful for people who need a car only for a short duration of time. The Tata Nano Twist can also be rented on a monthly basis at Rs. 6999 per month. Carzonrent had a year ago added a fleet of Mahindra Reva E20’s to its self drive fleet as well, with these cars available at Rs. 100 per hour – and would appeal to drivers who want the convenience of an automatic and also who want to do their bit for the environment.

2 thoughts on “Carzonrent adds fleet of Tata Nanos for self-drive at Rs 99 an hour

  1. Thats great news. The reva had a very limited range, and as most of the pick up places were not close, half the range would be gone only for the pick up.
    Nano would be the perfect vehicle for going for shopping where you wouldnt want to go on your sedan.A 200km a day mielage is great for city driving as I dont think anyone would be crossing that mielage on the city.

  2. Also this would be very beneficial for Tata, as this may help many more to test the car and come out of the myth that Nano is not a good car. Most of the people who bad mouth the Nano, are those who havent driven it. Its only when you drive it you realize the beauty of it. It has superb space and is very good to drive in the city with the short turning radius. Also the AC is far better than what you would expect from an A segment car. The engine is quite peppy till it reaches 60kph, which would be the speeds you do in the city.

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