Ford uses one of the most advanced car infotainment systems in the world. Ford’s SYNC applink based infotainment system that is available with many Ford cars has received an update. With the new update, Ford SYNC devices now get 5 new apps that make the integration with c0mpatiable smartphone very easy. The new additions to […]

Not all of us can afford high-end cars that have cutting-edge features but we surely can customize our cars with high-tech features. Thanks to the aftermarket, even budget cars and SUV can look and feel high-tech. Here are 10 accessories that’ll help do just that. Blind spot warning system There’s only so much the wing […]

Here are 5 more accessories that’ll make your budget car look and feel high-tech. Heads-up display (HUD) This is straight out of military technology. Fighter jet pilots have been using HUDs so that they can look through their jets’ windscreens while still having access to important information. Now, using a HUD projector, you can beam […]

In India, people buy crores worth of aftermarket car accessories each year. But are all these accessories safe? That’s one question not many ask before buying these accessories. We list out 10 popular car accessories that can prove downright dangerous. These accessories are best avoided. Sunroof A sunroof conveys a feeling of luxury and freedom, […]

Here are five more commonly fitted accessories that can prove to be very dangerous. Bullbars   People spend a lakh or more to buy a vehicle with airbags. They then put a bullbar in front of the bumper, making the airbag redundant. Yes, bullbars can interfere with the working of an airbag, which is why […]

Body kits add a personal touch to the car and make it look more appealing. There are different levels of body kits that are on offer. Some are subtle ones that not many people will notice and then there are some that are so badass that they become head turners. Here are 10 such badass […]

Here is part-II of the story on BADASS body kitted cars in India featuring 5 more cars: Toyota Innova The Innova is one more vehicle which you wouldn’t expect to find on this list. The Innova is a great people mover and it is very popular for the same reason. There are a few enthusiasts […]

Here are five more mods that can transform your vehicle. Car headlamp wattage upgrade Upgrading the car’s headlamps can change the night driving experience. Most cars come with standard 55/60 watt headlamps. The headlamps can be upgraded to 90/100 watt with standard H4 fitment. The more powerful headlamps give better light throw, giving you better […]

More often than not, features set apart luxury cars from the budget ones. Even though there are various aftermarket car accessories available in the market, not all of them are classy. Here are few classy accessories available on the market that will turn your regular car into a super luxury one! Automatic Side Step Feature […]

Here are five more features that will turn your regular car into a super luxury car. 360 Degree Camera/Bird’s eye view Feature from: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Driving on cramped city roads can be a big challenge. Also, parking with an only rear camera can be a little difficult task. To overcome the problem, a lot of […]