Indian car laws are still evolving. There is no standard rule on the basic features that a car should come with as of now. While the Govt. of India has implemented a law which will make dual airbags, ABS and seat belt warning as standard features in all cars from October 2018, there are many […]

Here are some more features that MUST be standard in every car sold in India! Reverse parking sensors Very important feature for parking the car safely, especially for new car drivers. The rear parking sensors warns the user by sound when something becomes very close to the proximity while reversing the car. It is a […]

With our lifes becoming more and more digital, car companies are trying to make life behind the wheel easier by providing us various techniques to pair our phones with the vehicle. On such feature is Android Auto, which essentially projects your Android smartphone’s screen onto your car’s touchscreen infotainment unit. This allows you to access […]

Here are some more cars & SUVs that’ll soon go Android Auto. Mahindra Scorpio   In what has recently been revealed, Mahindra is working on updating their existing touch screen unit which does duty on the Scorpio to make it support Android Auto. There is no clarity when the vehicle will be introduced but it […]

The Maruti Ertiga is an extremely practical car. It is well priced, looks good and has adequate space as well. Not many people think it is a car worth modifying though since it a MPV. But that’s not true. Here’s a remapped Ertiga that looks really nice and goes fast as well. What’s new? In […]

Most people overlook certain basic things even though they drive everyday. Here are 10 things that you should keep in your car at all times. Tyre pressure gauge A tyre pressure gauge is a small tool that is a must have. Some tyre pressure gauges are as small as a pen and can be easily […]

Car accessories are something that add a personal touch to your car.┬áSome of them make life behind the wheel easier while others ensure that your commute is more enjoyable. Here are ten unusual car accessories that are very useful and affordable. Air ionizer Price: Rs 345 – Rs 6,737 There is no doubt that the […]

LED sign boards Price: Rs 4,000-7,000 This is more a fun sort of accessory. If you are driving in a group of known people and want to send signs to the other car, you could use these LED sign boards. They plug into the cigarette lighter socket and the text displayed on it is programmable. […]

The tyres are the most ignored part of the car, but are really important. The tyres are the only contact patch between the car and the road, and everything including acceleration, braking, safety and comfort depends on the condition of the tyres. Here are few warning signs that you tell you when to replace a […]

Tyres are the only connection between you and the road. Taking utmost care of the tyres also increases the safety of your car. We list out bad habits that can destroy your car tyres, and how to avoid these. Proper Inflation Tyre manufacturers spend a good amount of money on research and development of new […]