To put an end to the almost immortal dilemma between buying old or new, we look at one such strong case comprising what are easily the most popular choices in the SUV segment. Representing the new car camp are the Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari – both in their AWD, top-spec avatars. Making a strong […]

Reliability There’s no beating the Fortuner in terms of reliability. Toyotas have a great reputation of running forever and the Fortuner just reaffirms that. A new Scorpio/Safari might offer you a warranty, but as far as the product is concerned, the Fortuner has better chances of survival. Premium image With a Rs 20+ lakh price […]

The Hyundai Creta might have just crossed 1 lakh bookings and Renault might have launched the Duster facelift, but the question remains which one is the best of the two. But it’s not as easy as it may sound. You see both vehicles, despite being in the same segment, are unique offerings. We look at […]

And here’s what makes the Creta a better buy: Safety The base version of the Duster loses out on ABS or airbags, which is a misery, considering the Creta, although more expensive, has ABS standard on all trims. Where the Hyundai Creta really trumps the Duster is the option to spec it with a total […]

Look at the two protagonists – the Fiat Avventura and the Ford EcoSport – and they represent what’s easily the segment that works the best for a market like ours. To start with, you have an increased ground clearance for both, rugged exterior designs, and the ability to take the cliched detour when the well-paved […]

With Fiat India offering two versions of the Abarth Punto – the ‘regular’ Abarth Punto based on the India-spec Punto Evo and one based on the crossover-ish version the Avventura – we look at which of the two make a better everyday car. Because hot hatches might be all about performance, but if it gets […]

Are you looking for the most spacious mid-size sedans within a budget of Rs. 10 lakh? Chances are you would be spending considerable time on the rear seat and would love to stretch out. Well, we’ve shortlisted the three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh, following up from our earlier list. The criteria for the […]

Snapshot – In a sense, the Toyota Innova is the grand daddy of MPVs sold in India, not only in terms of the sheer number of the years that the vehicle has been around but also in terms of the enduring success and trust that the brand has garnered, year after year. To date, there […]

Not every car that is launched is likely to be a sales success. Last year there were quite a few new launches – facelifts of existing cars mainly – that the carmakers hoped would revive the brands and rack up the sales numbers in the Indian market. Here’s a look at some of the cars […]

The Toyota Fortuner is the leading SUV in terms of sales in the luxury SUV segment – SUVs priced above Rs. 20 lakh. The thing is, it leads by a huge margin – so huge that the total sales of all other SUVs in a single month is still equal to only about a fourth […]