During the festive season, carmakers, apart from launching new products, offer heavy discounts on their existing ones. And given that a lot of buying decisions are made on how big the discounts are, here some really lucrative deals that should help you get the most car for your buck. We’ve narrowed down a few cars […]

The festive season is here and car makers are enticing buyers with a bunch of discounts. The budget hatchback space, which is seeing big competition from compact sedans, is betting particularly big on discounted cars. More than 10 budget hatchbacks sold in the country are selling at discounts of over 50,000 rupees. Here’s a quick […]

Snapshot – Traditionally, November and December are dull months for the Indian auto industry, what with buyers opting to play the waiting game when it comes to new car buying and putting off purchases for the new year. The rationale behind buyers opting for a car with a 2015 production year is to maximize resale […]

Fiat India’s November 2014 sales has tanked by quite a bit. Fiat managed to dispatch a little over 700 units of the Linea and Punto EVO combined into dealership stockyards.  December is traditionally a weak month for automakers in the country. In such circumstances, pushing sales during the year end requires some serious discounts, which […]

Christmas is in the air and so are the year end discounts from car makers of all hues. Mahindra & Mahindra is the latest automaker in India to announce a slew of discounts on its passenger vehicles sold here. Apart from the Mahindra Reva E2O, which is a niche electric car, every other Mahindra vehicle […]

2014 is coming to an end and Ford India wants another bout of Diwali. In a clever marketing plan to dispose leftover stock from 2014, Ford India is going big on car discounts. Every Ford car sold in India, apart from the EcoSport crossover, is available with discounts ranging from 55,000 rupees to a whopping […]

Snapshot – Winter is here and so are car discounts as 2014 will soon make way for 2015. Car makers are on a discounting spree to clear out stocks as buyers – eyeing better resale value – prefer to opt for 2015 model year cars rather than cars built in the fag end of 2014. […]

Renault India is now selling select diesel variants of the Pulse hatchback and Scala sedan at petrol variants prices. Both the Pulse and the Scala are badge engineered versions of the Nissan Micra and Sunny respectively, and have been perennial slow sellers for the French car brand in India. By lining up the latest crop […]

The Tata Nano Twist has just received a large discount of 45,000 rupees. The top-end car in the Nano range is now available at 1.99 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Bangalore. The new price of the Nano Twist makes the car about 20 % cheaper, offering good value to the customer. This offer is valid until the […]

Price drops and slow sales have been synonymous with the Tata Aria luxury crossover, ever since its launch in 2010. The latest price drop makes the imposing Aria more attractive than ever before with a starting price now pegged at 8.95 lakh rupees for the Pure variant. For the kind of the room that the […]