A dent on a car is every motorhead’s nightmare. The causes of a dent can be many, from bumping into someone to even a stray coconut taking fancy to your car. Fixing dents are often expensive, and also mean that your car will be out of action for a couple of days. [Image courtesy CentralOregonCarInsurance] […]

Delhi’s status of being one of the worst polluted cities doesn’t change, and it’s closely joined by other prominent cities in India. The national capital stands at a very unhealthy 153µg/m3 (concentration of pollutants in air), which in comparison to the concentration that WHO considers a moderate health concern, is a lot. While administrative bodies, […]

It’s a connected world. Our lives are dictated by our smartphones. And it’s most likely that almost every car enthusiast in India is a smartphone owner. Owning a smartphone opens up a whole new world – the world of apps. There’s an app for almost anything out there and of course, there are plenty of […]

While the debate on whether or not diesel cars that are over 10 years old will be banned or not and 15 year old petrol vehicles will be scrapped rages on, admit it, you are secretly wondering whether or not you can switch to electric or at least hybrid cars. The recent hike in petrol […]

If you are the kind of car buyer who is fixated with running costs, I’m sure the thought would have crossed your mind – is it better to buy a CNG car over a diesel car? Well, a couple of years ago, the advantages of diesel were far greater, but lately, diesel is a dirty […]

The idea that petrol cars are not fuel efficient is no longer true. There are at least two petrol sedans that have broken the 20 kmpl barrier – in the ARAI claimed mileage figures. With improving technology, fuel efficiency of petrol sedans too has gone up. Also read: The most fuel-efficient petrol sedans in 2014 […]

There are a number of fuel saving devices available in the market. But their efficacy is suspect. In many cases, such devices turn out to be nothing but snake oil – in other words, hoaxes that really do nothing to improve your fuel efficiency. Here’s a look at some fuel saving devices, with pointers as […]

Here’s an opportunity for all you budding engineers out there – to set a fuel efficiency record with a car built with your own hands. The Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 is here and registrations have already begun. The task – cover the maximum distance in a vehicle using the least amount of fuel. Last […]

Snapshot – You own a car and want to extract the best mileage but don’t want to drive like a grandma holding up traffic. If you can spare five minutes of your time,  CarToq’s 5 easy-to-follow car mileage boosting tips will do the magic for you. Here we go…

Yes, its possible. ARAI figures are only an indication of the relative mileage of your car. You may have heard about how the Dzire diesel once gave 45.8 kmpl on diesel and 42.1 kmpl on petrol. Similar figures were earlier reported for the Ford Classic (formerly Fiesta). Can you do it too?