To celebrate the new year, Mercedes has introduced one special edition variant of both their small hatchbacks, the A and the B Class. Christened the ‘Night Edition’, they have been desinged for ‘go getters’, who want to arrive in style everywhere they go, according to what Mercedes Benz has to say. They will be limited […]

Engineering Explained has made a brilliant video describing the most common practices that one should avoid while driving a manual gearbox equipped car. Since most of the cars available in India (below a certain price tag) are manuals, this is relevant to our market as well. Follow closely as we quickly explain the pet peeves. […]

Aesthetics might not be the most important aspect of a car, but what’s the point of owning a car if you cannot appreciate its beauty. If you too belong to the same school of thought, there’s a good chance that the first thing you think about when you see a car is how you’re going […]

Buying a car and running it ‘bone-stock’ might get help the vehicle hold its value for longer, but if you’re looking for a considerable performance gain, then that’s not the right way. While the Indian car culture is yet to shape, there has always been a strong ‘Tuner’ culture around. We take a look at […]

Multitasking is the word. As our lives become faster, and commutes longer, anyone in his/her right state of mind would want to make use of that time. Unless you’re driving, because in that case, nothing is more important than driving itself! Technologies like Wi-Fi can effectively turn your car into a mobile workspace or even […]

Delhi’s status of being one of the worst polluted cities doesn’t change, and it’s closely joined by other prominent cities in India. The national capital stands at a very unhealthy 153µg/m3 (concentration of pollutants in air), which in comparison to the concentration that WHO considers a moderate health concern, is a lot. While administrative bodies, […]

Three life-saving manoeuvres that can help you avoid disaster Picture this: You are driving down a highway at a fairly good speed in your favourite car, enjoying the drive on a rainy day, and you enter a curve only to see a cow in the middle of your path. Your instinct is to slam on […]

It’s the summer of 2015, the time when your car turns into an oven if it is parked in the sun. Along with the heat, the car too will slowly degrade – the paint will fade, the plastics will warp and UV rays will do plenty of damage. But not if you follow these five […]

So you have a dog and want to go on a road trip. But do you have the car for it? Abroad, a lot of carmakers advertise their cars as “dog-friendly”. But in India, if our cars were people friendly itself, we would be happy, wouldn’t we? Truth be told, there is no car that […]

With the passage of time, motor racing in India has been gaining popularity at a brisk pace. This growth has resulted in events that stand apart from the rest. One such event is that of manufacturers getting into competitive racing with One-Make Racing Series. The Polo Cup, which was introduced by Volkswagen back in 2010, […]