Engineering Explained has made a brilliant video describing the most common practices that one should avoid while driving a manual gearbox equipped car. Since most of the cars available in India (below a certain price tag) are manuals, this is relevant to our market as well. Follow closely as we quickly explain the pet peeves. […]

Aesthetics might not be the most important aspect of a car, but what’s the point of owning a car if you cannot appreciate its beauty. If you too belong to the same school of thought, there’s a good chance that the first thing you think about when you see a car is how you’re going […]

Buying a car and running it ‘bone-stock’ might get help the vehicle hold its value for longer, but if you’re looking for a considerable performance gain, then that’s not the right way. While the Indian car culture is yet to shape, there has always been a strong ‘Tuner’ culture around. We take a look at […]

Multitasking is the word. As our lives become faster, and commutes longer, anyone in his/her right state of mind would want to make use of that time. Unless you’re driving, because in that case, nothing is more important than driving itself! Technologies like Wi-Fi can effectively turn your car into a mobile workspace or even […]

Delhi’s status of being one of the worst polluted cities doesn’t change, and it’s closely joined by other prominent cities in India. The national capital stands at a very unhealthy 153µg/m3 (concentration of pollutants in air), which in comparison to the concentration that WHO considers a moderate health concern, is a lot. While administrative bodies, […]

Three life-saving manoeuvres that can help you avoid disaster Picture this: You are driving down a highway at a fairly good speed in your favourite car, enjoying the drive on a rainy day, and you enter a curve only to see a cow in the middle of your path. Your instinct is to slam on […]

It’s the summer of 2015, the time when your car turns into an oven if it is parked in the sun. Along with the heat, the car too will slowly degrade – the paint will fade, the plastics will warp and UV rays will do plenty of damage. But not if you follow these five […]

So you have a dog and want to go on a road trip. But do you have the car for it? Abroad, a lot of carmakers advertise their cars as “dog-friendly”. But in India, if our cars were people friendly itself, we would be happy, wouldn’t we? Truth be told, there is no car that […]

With the passage of time, motor racing in India has been gaining popularity at a brisk pace. This growth has resulted in events that stand apart from the rest. One such event is that of manufacturers getting into competitive racing with One-Make Racing Series. The Polo Cup, which was introduced by Volkswagen back in 2010, […]

Snapshot– Engines propel cars and form the very core of an automobile. And rebuilding them is expensive. Maximizing engine life, therefore can save you a bunch of money while also ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck. An engine that lasts long is also a healthier unit that makes more power and […]