For long, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen has been as the ultimate SUV for many enthusiasts. But as we all know, our limited pocket does not allow most of us to park the ultimate utilitarian vehicle with the Mercedes-Benz logo on it in our garages. Our desi company, Force Motors, offers the Gurkha at a fraction of […]

Wrapping is the new trend that has taken over the aftermarket industry across the globe. India too has a fair share of wrapped cars. The main advantage being they can be removed at any time and are not permanent. Here are 10 chrome wraps from India, which are insane: XUV500 The XUV is a popular […]

Here is part-ii of the story having all the chrome wrapped cars: Creta The Creta is a popular compact SUV. It is one that has been the king of the market, ever since it was introduced. Even with the hefty price tag, it still manages to outsell its closest rival, the Duster by a large […]

Here is another edition of wannabe cars: Audi Captiva The Chevrolet Captiva has been a highly under-rated SUV. The vehicle, while practical and well loaded, couldn’t match the craze the Fortuner had. This owner decided he wanted to make his car more premium. In order to do so, he replaced the grille on the car […]

Unlike Chinese copycat car makers who make cars that look almost as good as originals, Indian backyard car modifiers don’t bother with details. Indian car modifiers add their own touch when creating replicas of the iconic automobiles. Here are 5 more wannabe cars that wanted to imitate the icons but failed terribly at it. Wagon […]

India is an expensive car when it comes to car buying. Our taxation policy is such that we end up spending so much more money than those people in other countries. Since people find it tough to buy high end cars but still have the desire to have cars that look like them. Here are […]

Replicas aren’t common in India but some cars just take it to the next level. Of course, imitation is the best form of flattery, but only if done right. Not too far from the Chinese copycat cars (about which you can read here and here), we now have a couple of modified cars that wanted […]

India is not a lowered-car friendly country. Many manufacturers from around the world increase the ground clearance of their vehicles to make way for the huge speed breakers and deep pot holes in India. However, many enthusiasts have tastefully modified their cars and slammed them closer to the ground making them look even better. Here […]

Here are the five more cars that look great lowered Maruti Swift One of the best selling hatchbacks in India is also a doppelganger of the Mini Cooper. There are just too many Swifts on the road now and it seldom gets any attention. To make every eye turn towards itself, this Swift has been […]

Having a unique ride is something that is on the list of almost all car owners. Small touches go a long way in making your car stand out and look gorgeous. Here are 10 easy ways to make your car an absolute stunner. Detailing This is by far the easiest way to make your car […]