A Maruti Swift Diesel owner from Bangalore wanted to upgrade his car. So, he approached a car dealer, intending to exchange his Swift Diesel for a new car. But the dealer refused to purchase his car, saying that the VIN is no longer legible. The Swift Diesel owner was advised to continue using the car […]

“Thak Thak” or knock knock. Someone’s at your car’s window. You respond to the knock by either lowering your window and enquiring, or even perhaps opening the door to get a grip on what it’s all about. Poof, and your bag or whatever valuable was on the front passenger or rear seat is now gone. […]

Buying an SUV must be same as buying a sedan or a hatchback, so why you should one bother if they’re any different to drive! But look closely and you’ll see that there are enough things that differentiate the SUVs from other types of cars. And the same can be said about owning them. To […]

Surprisingly driving a well-maintained classic is a breath of fresh air in this world of overly modernised automobiles. Not that modern is bad or anything, but some of the character — that is abundant in old cars — is lost in the process. We look at a few oldies and try to justify why they […]

Mercedes Benz W123 Used car prices: Rs 4.5 lakh You want a reliable classic but one that’s fairly modern to run and own, backed by a brand-name that’s synonymous with luxury and a car that looks like God descended to design it all by himself? That’s the W123 for you! The car from the ‘70s […]

While cars and bikes are more robust than you and I think, their components have a limited life. And regular, careful driving means they can go on forever, but surprisingly some everyday bad habits can prove to be very costly. Avoid it at all costs! Starting with the most common one, Coasting downhill One should […]

Low speed, high gear (lugging the engine) It’s a common mistake to not downshift when you want to accelerate. Using the low-end torque to continue the progress is okay, but not shifting down when you want to accelerate is bad. It damages the clutch, the gearbox, and even while doing so, you’re still stuck looking […]

Car modifications can vary from simple to extreme, but more often than not both the modifiers and the owners miss out on certain details. We look at ten such pieces of information that are left undiscussed. First, the most common modifications, Tyres The only contact patch with the road, tyres play a vital role in […]

Stereo In-car audio is a popular upgrade that a lot of car buyers indulge in. But one must keep in mind that  tampering the original wiring can lead to a loss of warranty. Also, since fitting a head-unit and speakers requires a fair bit of manual work, it’s best to let professionals handle it. Connections […]

Like other consumer products, cars can also get boring after some time. But unlike tech accessories, clothes, or even watches, changing a car isn’t possible — it’s not exactly viable, nor does it make sense. Hence we look at six ways of ensuring that your car stays interesting and relevant. First, the easiest and the […]