We tried talking sense by mentioning why one shouldn’t modify his/her car in our previous post. But it’s heart over head again, and thus we look at five vital points why a customised car makes more sense than a stock one. Playing it safe is one thing, but it also has to be kept in mind […]

Many affordable SUVs  can hold their own against C-Segment sedans when it comes to straight line performance. In fact, some SUVs beat many C-Segment sedans in the 0-100 Kph sprints, all thanks to their powerful turbo diesel engines. Today, we take a look at top speeds. Though largely academic, some compact SUVs are “seriously” fast, […]

Buying a car and running it ‘bone-stock’ might get help the vehicle hold its value for longer, but if you’re looking for a considerable performance gain, then that’s not the right way. While the Indian car culture is yet to shape, there has always been a strong ‘Tuner’ culture around. We take a look at […]

Snapshot – Top speeds are academic on Indian roads. Acceleration is the name of the game. So, a quick accelerating car or SUV is what you really need to scythe through the roadscape of this country. Today, we bring you the country’s fastest accelerating diesel car and SUV, with a couple of alternates for each. […]

Ask any car enthusiast in India about the cars they would love to drive and somewhere on that list would be a Ford – be it the Fiesta Classic, a Figo or dating back to the iconic Ford Ikon. Ford has always played to the tastes of enthusiasts with its cars and seems to pride […]

Three reasons why Hyundai cars fail enthusiasts, even though they sell extremely well. Hyundai cars are often the butt of jokes in the West and in India, anyone who professes to be a car enthusiast hates the brand. Yet, it’s one of the largest-selling car brands in the markets it is present in, including India, […]

It’s a connected world. Our lives are dictated by our smartphones. And it’s most likely that almost every car enthusiast in India is a smartphone owner. Owning a smartphone opens up a whole new world – the world of apps. There’s an app for almost anything out there and of course, there are plenty of […]

Do you feel a need for speed, but have just about enough cash to buy a Maruti Alto? Well, there’s hope. You can get good used performance hatchbacks – even diesel ones – for the price of a new Maruti Alto. If you have a budget of between Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh, […]

Racing improves the breed. Hyundai is pressing all the right buttons when it comes to getting its cars to handle better. Engines-wise, Hyundai cars are right up there with the Japanese and Europeans when it comes to refinement and performance levels. However, the black art of combining a fairly supple ride with involving handling is […]

Looking for a rush of adrenalin? A car that can plaster a smile on your face each time you take it out for a spin? Here are a few that are completely fun-to-drive and won’t cost you more than Rs. 15 lakh. Heck, the ones that offer the most fun are in fact south of […]