Have you ever wondered what is common between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and industrialist Mukesh Ambani? Well, apart from the fact that they both belong from Gujarat, they also drive around in similar cars. Yes, the Mukesh Ambani transits in an armoured BMW 7-Series, the same vehicle that is also used for the most important […]

There has been a lot of buzz regarding the Honda City that had a Rs.2000 wrap on it. While a few media houses did pick up the story, they had a very wrong interpretation of it, as compared to what actually happened. Here’s the real truth behind this note-wrapped car. What was reported? According to a […]

Skoda Octavia will soon get a special edition in the Indian market. The current Octavia will be replaced with a new one by the mid of 2017, and in a bid to clear the current stock, Skoda will introduce the limited edition variant. To be called as the ‘Onyx’ edition, Skoda will launch the vehicle […]

Audi launched the all-new A4 sedan back in September, however they did so only in petrol guise at that time. The A4, being the bread and butter model for the company saw most of its sales in the diesel avatar previously, something that the new vehcile didn’t have. Finally, Audi has now launched the diesel […]

Demonetization happened on the November of 8th, sucking out 86 % of India’s currency notes. Almost every part of the Indian economy took a hit due to the liquidity crunch, and the automotive industry was no different. In the demonetization months of November and December, overall automotive sales dipped. While some sectors of the auto […]

Honda City has a long history with the Indian market. The current generation of the mid-size sedan has been around since 2014. Even though the City has remained on the top of the segment for most of the time, competition from Maruti in the form of Ciaz has rather proved to be very stiff for […]

The Baleno is the first premium hatchback offering from Maruti in India. The car has gained quite a market share in the country. Modifiers are already working their magics on this car. Here are six tastefully modified Baleno hatchbacks from India. Exterior options Chrome Delete Even though most of the Indian customers go gaga over […]

At the 2016 Auto Expo, Chevrolet showcased the Beat Essentia compact sedan. What it is, is a compact sedan based on the Beat. While it was showcased in concept form then, it is expected to be launched in the Indian market in 2017.  The vehicle has been undergoing testing since and this test mule was spotted […]

Maruti Suzuki’s segment leader, Ciaz will replace by a facelift model soon. As per reports, Maruti has discontinued the top-of-the-line Ciaz RS, making way for the new model. The Ciaz RS was first introduced in 2015 as a racier version of the sedan. The moniker means Restless Spirit and gets many additional changes like body […]

The Indian market is a tough one to survive in. Not only do customers have brand preference, they also have strong brand hate on other side. There are some cars that were either too early for their time or tried to conquer the segment but weren’t successful and were discontinued. There are 7 such cars […]