The Bajaj Pulsar has always been a top pick for stunters, and the trend continues with the NS200 – the hugely popular streetfighter version of the bike. The Pulsar NS200 is quite a stable bike, which is another reason why stunters prefer it. But sometimes too much stability can also be a bad thing, like […]

Chennai cops have been in the news quite frequently. The episode of them seizing high-end supercars in Chennai attracted the ire of enthusiasts. Now, a video new has surfaced, which shows a bunch of bikers wearing safety gear being stopped by the cops in Chennai and harassed . Here is what happened. What happened here? A […]

Buying a new car is something that is a joyous occasion. Most people save up for a long time to make their purchase. There are a few things though that each person should keep in mind when they buy their new car, to make sure that the car lasts long and doesn’t get messed. Engineering Explained carried […]

This happens more often than you think it does. A lot of people mistakenly fill petrol in a diesel car an diesel in a petrol car. So, what exactly when fill petrol in a diesel car, or vice versa. Let’s find out. As the video details, When you fill diesel in a petrol engined car, […]

Is he the craziest rider ever? Well, you’ve got to take a look at this unbelievable video and decide for yourself. Bumping into one car is fine, two is pushing it. And if you do it over and over again, until you ride straight off the road, what does that make you? Punch drunk? Words […]

Smoking isn’t a bright thing to do as far as your health goes. Smoking in the car? Now, this is a definite no-no, and here’s why. Warning – Viewer discretion advised. Video contains graphic content.  What happened here? A young male sitting in the rear seat of the car tries to light a cigarette. The […]

Bus driver Santosh Shimikar found himself in a very precarious position in Mumbai, on a speeding Maruti Suzuki Swift’s bonnet. How, and why did he get there? Two words, road rage.   The bus driver wasn’t the one whose rage exploded in such dramatic fashion. Rather, the driver of the Maruti Swift, Abdul Rashid Ansari, […]

The Fiat Punto is a heavily built car that feels solid all around. And not even a ghost can mess with one. Don’t get it? Here, watch for yourself. This is one ghost prank that went horribly wrong. A bunch of pranksters got together in Bhopal and decided to scare motorists silly, all for a […]

There’s something about an SUV getting down and dirty. Mahindra has shown us how it should be done with the Thar Facelift’s latest video meant mainly for the web audiences. Along with the Thar Facelift, we’ve assembled four more SUVs whose official web videos and TV commercials have recently been released. Here we go. What’s […]

It’s easy to maim a man for life. A little force on the back and the spine will break like a twig, rendering the man immobile for life. Now, imagine a car running over your back. Well, that’s all hell broken loose, right? Well, not always. Here’s proof, of what can only be termed as […]