Continued: 10 DC Design cars & how they look in the real world

Here is part-II of the story with the remaining 5 cars:


DC Design Mahindra Thar 1

DC’s take on the Thar wasn’t really well received. Since the Thar is such an iconic product with its clean lines and ruggedness, it didn’t really need an update. DC went quite outlandish with the Thar. While it retains its two door avatar, it now has lost out on the soft top roof. This design is surely not to the liking of many. Here is what it looks like really:



dc 6

DC has come up with a design for the City as well, which he launched in partnership with Carnation, the car service chain started by Jagdish Khattar. The City gets a minor body kit to make it more aggressive to look at. Here is what the City looks like really:

dc 6a


dc 7

DC is well known for his Innova lounge and that is the most popular product of his. The DC lounge gets 2 business class seats as opposed to the 2 rows of seating the normal Innova gets. This means you have seats that recline and get ventilation. It is the perfect car if you wish to sit behind in. There aren’t many that you can see on the road, however this is what it looks like:

dc 10


dc 11

DC has come up with a kit for the i20 too, the previous generation one though. This one features a new bumper and grille, which is not to our liking. It makes the i20 look weird, while the original car is much more elegant.  Here is one that someone actually got:

dc 4


Ford EcoSport DC Design front

The Ford Ecosport modified by DC Design is a mean looker. The crossover’s butch looks have been retained. The DC Ecosport is one of the better modifications coming out from the company. The inside now has a lounge which means the rear bench has been replaced by individual seats. Also, the car now gets much better interiors, with leather everywhere. Here is what the car looks like in real life:

dc 5

Image source: 6,  8910