Ford has unveiled its new Global Vehicle – the Ford EcoSport SUV. The EcoSport will come with a Ford EcoBoost engine, the first time this engine would make its appearance in India. Prices have not been announced yet for the 5-seater SUV, but Ford said that production will commence in June 2012.

The car, built on Fiesta platform, hides it sedan roots rather well looking like a contemporary true-blue SUV.

ford ecosport suv photo gallery

EcoSport aims to set new standards in fuel efficiency/power trade off. It will be powered by a 1-liter—yes just one liter—engine that belts out an impressive 119 BHP.

ford ecosport suv front photo

The EcoSport has an excellent Scorpio-beating ground clearance of this mini-SUV.

ford ecosport suv for india design

The side profile suggests adequate space for both the passengers and luggage.

ford ecosport suv side profile photo

The rear mounted spare wheel and the BMW X1 like tail lamps complete its rugged look theme.

ford ecosport SUV for india photo

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  1. It has a Bogus Looks and More over It’s more of a FAT HEAD…But engine is a very Different story though…But Still Fords are lot ahead in SUV Segment…Even Endeavor with it’s Gigantic Body..didn’t Show too much as we expected as price….Fords three Wild horse’s time proven unbeatable’s..IKON,FUSION(though very least sold),FIGO…

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