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    Shashank Joshi asks…

    1 week, 3 days ago
    1 answer
    Hi, I am living in Pune, I wish to upgrade from my indica xeta petrol to an B+ segment, or sub 4 Mtr sedan. My budget is around 8 lakh. Monthly running 1500 kms, yearly 19000 kms, mostly in city. Should I go for a diesel or petrol or CNG car. What is the maintenance cost for a diesel car if kept for around 7-8 years. Suggest me a car with low maintenance, better mileage, good resale after 7 yrs.

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    Raghav Seth asks…

    1 week, 4 days ago
    2 answers
    Experts, i live in delhi need to buy a petrol hacthback/compact suv and can wait till september ! Presently own a figo and will be trading the car in ! Budget 5 - 9 L ! Pls Consider My priorities in order in which they are mentioned - resale value, comfort, ride quality, maintenance & service cost ! which will be the best option for me ? any upcoming launches in above two segments ? Ps - not g

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    suhirali asks…

    2 weeks, 1 day ago
    3 answers
    Hy all. Was looking forward to buy Ford Ecosport, replacing my Skoda Fabia. But i would also like to consider Maruti S Cross before i fix my final decision. Please help me with it fellas.
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