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    Vivegananthan Maruthavanan asks…

    6 hours, 15 minutes ago
    7 answers
    Guys, sharing my riding experience with my Amaze S Diesel. I started from Bangalore on Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM. This time I thought, why not go slow and steady, so that reaction times were better. the earlier day, I drove around 120 km/hr, and was left exhausted while travelling from chennai to Bangalore in Krishnagiri Highway. I thought of sticking around 80 - 90 mark, and then started checkin

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    KiranKM asks…

    2 days, 9 hours ago
    7 answers
    I have booked Honda Amaze recently. The SA called today and said the vehicle is in transit and confirmed the VIN number as MAKDF255GE4xxxxxx. After decoding I found it as a July made. I am confused since the vehicle is July made as we are in the end of Aug month. Does Honda still has stock of last month made Honda Amaze keeping demand in mind, Please suggest?
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    Sumit asks…

    3 days, 4 hours ago
    8 answers
    Hi Guys what to choose between the Tata Zest 1.2 T and Amaze Petrol , mainly for city drive and occasional Highway trip a max of 500 HIGHWAY KMS !
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