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    Abhijeet Tilekar SATARA asks…

    4 months, 2 weeks ago
    6 answers
    My Budget is Rs.9.00-Rs.12.00 Lacks.....i am interested to buy Any USED  Car whatevever it may be. i am buing Car which is  only used Between 2-5 Years old .My Choices are Chevy Captiva, Hyundai Sonata ,Chevy Cruze, Skoda Laura,Ford Endeavour, Honda Civic,Tyota Camry Etc...Kindly Help me Which is Realiable  & Nice to Dive ??
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    Raghav Seth asks…

    8 months ago
    4 answers
    sir, own a jazz and ecosport which are used daily in city traffic !! Need to purchase two more cars and my budget is upto a total of 50 L for both cars out of which one car will be used daily in city traffic and one for particular events (premium car) . i am confused should i go for a sedan or a suv and in which segment of the following should i buy :- 1) Upto 12 L (Honda City Or Any Upcoming SUV

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    DrTarun Nanda asks…

    10 months, 1 week ago
    6 answers
    hi ..... my car shows white smoke after high accelerator just after change my engine oil and filter ....i had done its overhaul engine just 10000 km ago......any advise ... its toyota camry petrol 1st generation .... and engine is little bit noise ......???
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