Automobile manufacturer, Hindustan Motors will launch a modern avatar of their iconic Ambassador model with contemporary features, next year. The new Ambassador will likely be priced starting as low as Rs. 3.5 lakh.

Hindustan Motors managing director Prakash Jha was quoted in The Telegraph as saying that the new Ambassador will be launched on a new platform with many technical changes. And that the launch will be in April-June period next year.

2011 ambassador front

The re launched Ambassador would be of high interest to car lovers across the country, given the tremendous history behind this car. It would be interesting to understand how HM is planning to introduce a more contemporary version of the car.

Here are some details about the new Ambassador that you can expect.


The new Ambassador will come in both hatchback and sedan body types. The hatchback will be priced in the Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh range according to a company spokesperson. While there has been no official confirmation about the prices of the upcoming sedan, we expect the price to be in the Rs. 5 lakh to 7 lakh range. At present, HM sells the BS-IV complaint, petrol variant of the Ambassador Grand at Rs. 4.87 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

New design

Hindustan Motors has roped in Onio Design Pvt Ltd for doing the initial design and research for the retro car. Onio has been working on the new Ambassador design since last February. “We will maintain Ambassador’s heritage look and iconic features,” Sandhya Pande, head, Vehicles Strategies & Development, was quoted as saying.

Earlier, CarToq had reported about the possibility of a new Ambassador in March 2011. The new Ambassador will shed the traditional sloping bonnet for an aerodynamically chiseled hood. The boot will also feature integrated tail lamps and the car will sport alloy wheels.


The Ambassador hatchback will be powered by a 1.5 litre compliant engine while the Ambassador sedan will be powered by a 1.8 litre engine. The common rail diesel engines for the new Ambassador will be sourced from Europe.

The upcoming Ambassador sedan will come with features such as leather seats, a new retro-looking dashboard, Bluetooth and other gizmos. Safety features including ABS (anti-lock braking system) and EBD (electronic brake distribution) will be offered as optional.

Present Ambassador to get BS-IV engines

The company is planning to install a BS-IV compliant engine in the present Ambassador model by the end of this fiscal year (March 2012). The entry-level sedan will offer C-segment luxury features like leather seats, a new retro-looking dashboard, Bluetooth and other gizmos. Safety features like ABS (anti-lock braking system) and EBD (electronic brake distribution) will be optional.

The once undisputed king of Indian roads will be back in a new avatar! But will the new Ambassador satisfy the requirements of the present day buyers?

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  1. Profile photo of journeyman
    journeyman answers:

    its good news!

  2. Profile photo of jyoti.sajnani
    jyoti.sajnani answers:


  3. Profile photo of Anand Raj Sankla
    Anand Raj Sankla answers:

    wellcom back :)

  4. Profile photo of Anurag Bansal
    Anurag Bansal answers:

    would love to buy the ROYAL.

  5. Profile photo of Hrishi Acharya
    Hrishi Acharya answers:

    its nice to hear the amby is coming back hope fully it will have all the latest features which incl all safety features and a modern looks from outside as well as modern interiors with latest technology mpfi petrol and crdi euro4 engines with gr8 mileage and low maintanance and not to foget we need a better ASS and resale value like that of Maruti and hyundai cars.all the best hinduatan motors.

  6. Profile photo of Chetan Sanikam
    Chetan Sanikam answers:

    indian muscle, roaring back:) I stil drive my dad’s 1965 model:)

  7. Profile photo of Nikhil Arun Jadhav
    Nikhil Arun Jadhav answers:

    Welcome Back!

    Rmbrd my childhood, all those long rides, going to school, tutions in it. Memories to be cherished. Ambassador is something different, a class apart from others, much like Royal Enfield. Most of all, It makes me realize now, how much I miss my Father. Used to have really great time in it. Can never forget that. Hope I get to ride in one soon.

  8. Profile photo of Utkarsh Bhalerao
    Utkarsh Bhalerao answers:


  9. Profile photo of Malvinder Singh
    Malvinder Singh answers:

    welcome back

  10. Profile photo of Santhosh Gowda
    Santhosh Gowda answers:

    too late! most of us(indians) lost faith in HM. u guys don’t have passion and u don’t experiment like foreign auto makers. u like to live under someone’s shadow! not even single indian manufacturer dares to produce a v6 or v8 engine till date. just anouncing that you’l provide features like abs, airbags, bluetooth does’nt turn buyers towards you. get some inspiration and produce some quality produ

  11. Profile photo of Taufeeq Ali
    Taufeeq Ali answers:

    The classic queen coming back to rule the roads ones again…….great news for my grand paa….lolz.

  12. Profile photo of Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar answers:

    Indigenous Pride….so comfortable never comparable with other cars…

  13. Profile photo of Jeetendra Jagwani
    Jeetendra Jagwani answers:

    Oh I so want the good old ambi to do well…its the most comfy car to travel in…I hope this works for them..

  14. Profile photo of Kammal Sheth
    Kammal Sheth answers:

    welcome…. lots of childlhood memories….AMBA.

  15. Profile photo of Sudeep Parambath
    Sudeep Parambath answers:

    please do make it look really classic retro and not a mish mash as before. Also, the driving comfort also needs attention! You can have a sure winner, will be interested to work on this too..

  16. Profile photo of Sunil Slathia
    Sunil Slathia answers:

    Good to hear that………

  17. Profile photo of Chetan Dhiman
    Chetan Dhiman answers:

    will be waiting for hatch model of this car surely.

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  19. Profile photo of Jayant Rulz
    Jayant Rulz answers:

    arey do smtg wid model….lol.

  20. Profile photo of Jagan Mk
    Jagan Mk answers:

    its getting better.

  21. Profile photo of Sai Manoj
    Sai Manoj answers:

    the legend resurrected!

  22. Profile photo of Shounak Netragaonkar
    Shounak Netragaonkar answers:

    Wow would love to buy if coming with CRDI and ABS EBD……

  23. Profile photo of Debjyoti Tewary
    Debjyoti Tewary answers:

    indian pride………..

  24. Profile photo of Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh answers:

    I don’t like this car.

  25. Profile photo of Manan Modi
    Manan Modi answers:

    oh gosh…not again…

  26. Profile photo of Bennett Chethan
    Bennett Chethan answers:

    superb comment, straight frm da heart!!! u r absolutely right, my friend.

  27. Profile photo of Aziz Shaikh
    Aziz Shaikh answers:

    You r very right Santosh, now let’s see if HM can do anything…
    I hope anyone frm design team or management of HM will read ur comment

  28. Profile photo of Anish Bagchi
    Anish Bagchi answers:

    With HM’s attitude even GOD can’t help them ..

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