The Mahindra Scorpio is one of the most popular SUVs on Indian roads, selling an average of close to 4,000 vehicles every month. And while the Scorpio on its own has tremendous road presence, the increasing number of them on the road makes it difficult to stand out.

That’s when customization comes in. Mahindra itself has a division that customizes Scorpios for a price, and there are other car modifiers who can carry out similar jobs to make your Scorpio stand out among others.

Here are five Scorpios that have been modified to different degrees, styles and tastes. Tell us which of them is the best looking.

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Scorpio Xtreme


The Mahindra Scorpio Xtreme is a job that has been carried out by Mahindra Customization on the Scorpio VLX 4WD. The vehicle has been converted to a 4-door, short-chassis pickup, with a load bay. It has an external roll cage fitted to it, along with customized luggage racks, jerry can holder and bicycle rack. It also gets a sunroof and auxillary lamps.

Scorpio Extreme-rear

This vehicle is ideal for enthusiasts who are avid outdoor adventurers as well, as it can carry camping gear, cycles and tents, and with its 4×4 system, reach places where normal vehicles wouldn’t go. Of course, it’s expensive as well. The Scorpio Extreme costs Rs. 5.5 lakh over and above the cost of a normal Scorpio VLX 4WD, putting it in the range of about Rs. 18 lakh overall!

Scorpio Lifestyle


The Scorpio Lifestyle is based on the Mahindra Scorpio Getaway pickup. The Getaway comes in both 4×4 and 4×2 models, and these modifications can be carried out on either of them. The Getaway Lifestyle features a motorized tonneau cover over its load bay, a roll cage, and customized cladding. It also gets a plethora of auxillary lamps, a sunroof, reverse camera and parking sensors.

Scorpio lifestyle-rear

The Lifestyle is an ideal choice again for those who love outdoor activities and need to carry plenty of equipment. In the city, the sheer size and looks of the Lifestyle are enough to turn quite a few heads. The interiors are finished in leather. The Lifestyle will cost about Rs. 4 lakh plus the cost of a Getaway, giving it an overall price of about Rs. 13 lakh.

Scorpio Platoon



The Mahindra Scorpio Platoon is similar to the Scorpio Xtreme, but to a lesser degree. The way it has been modified may not be to everyone’s taste. The headlamps have been replaced by a set of three projector lamps, it gets a winch and plenty of plastic cladding. This too is a four-door body style, with a grilled-tailgate for the load bay area. The Scorpio Platoon can be built on any existing Mahindra Scorpio model. It costs about Rs. 3 lakh over the cost of a Scorpio.

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Body kit for Scorpio

Scorpio bodykit


If you aren’t a fan of these extreme modifications and just want a little bit of customization, you could simply opt for a body kit for the Scorpio, along with redone interiors. The bodykit includes a pair of auxillary lamps, built-in bulbar on the bumper, two-tone paint job, and cladding for the tail-lamps. Just these modifications alone will cost under Rs. 50,000, while interior leather upholstery will cost another Rs. 30,000. This gives the Scorpio some degree of individuality without having to break the bank. It can be applied to any W-model Scorpio (post 2006 models).

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Kishan Lohiya’s Scorpio



If you want to do something completely out of this world, then take inspiration from Kishan Lohiya’s Scorpio. This Hyderabad-based gentleman was among the early customers of a Scorpio to completely customize his vehicle, very radically. The biggest standout were the 36-inch Super Swamper tyres on 16-inch wheels for which he had to extend the axles and build new fenders. He also chopped the rear portion of the body to make it a pick-up and added a snorkel and auxillary lamps. The results are stunning. The biggest expense for such a modification are the tyres, which cost about Rs. 25,000 each!

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Tell us which of these Scorpio modification ideas excites you the most? And which do you think is the most practical?


15 replies

  1. Profile photo of Parth Tambat
    Parth Tambat answers:

    Please tell me the price of the Front & Rear Bumper and the wheel arch (the grey curve above the wheels) of SCORPIO LIFESTYLE. Also plesae let me know about the garage/acrdecor where the scorpio lifestyle has been modified/costumized.

  2. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    Scorpio Lifestyle was done by Mahindra Customization – a Mahindra group company.

  3. Profile photo of Parth Tambat
    Parth Tambat answers:

    oh, So if I want to customize a scorpio getaway. I will have to take it to the company showroom, and not a car-decor.

  4. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    You can also get a similar job done at places like Autopsyche, ProAutomods, RoadnTrack etc. Any of these car customizers will be able to execute a similar design for you.

  5. Profile photo of Ritika Deshpande
    Ritika Deshpande answers:

    hey there…instead of this why not check out details on how to accessorise the Xenon XT the new 4×4 by tata auto. all the details are available on the website it totally worth it..

  6. Profile photo of Parth Tambat
    Parth Tambat answers:

    Thank you Roshun Sir.

  7. Upendraa Nath answers:

    sexy beast

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  11. Profile photo of Hrushikesh Kotasthane
    Hrushikesh Kotasthane answers:

    Kishan Lohiya you rock !!!

  12. Profile photo of deejay
    deejay answers:

    hi please tell me i have old Scorpio car i need to change new tail lamp where i can get this done or where i can get this side plate or projected sheet to weld?

  13. Profile photo of EKAH QATAR
    EKAH QATAR answers:

    I have modified my scarpio myself and that looks unique in kashmir happy

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