India now has many car customizers and tuners who do some very nice jobs on cars. We’re going to be looking at car modification jobs across cities over the next few weeks to showcase some of the best works of people who customize cars.

This week we’re starting with Delhi. There are at least four car customizers in the Delhi NCR region who give cars complete makeovers. These include Autopsyche, Performance Auto, Pro-Automods and Babba Raju.

The cost of the makeovers can range from anywhere between a few thousand rupees to a few lakh rupees depending on the extent of the makeover. Some customers prefer only performance modifications, some want audio upgrades, while others go for entire body makeovers – some just cosmetic, while others mean business.

Here are some of the best modified cars from Autopsyche in the Delhi NCR region.

“Red Iron” Honda Civic

honda civic customisation photo

The exterior modifications on this 2007 Honda Civic include Mugen RR bumpers, skirts, spoiler and bonnet. The paint job is a combination of gloss black and matt red with stickering. Headlamps have dual projectors with angel eyes and the tail-lamps are clear lens LEDs. It has been given 16-inch alloys with wider, low-profile 205/55 tyres.

On the interiors the car gets matching black and red leather upholstery with a black and red dashboard theme.  The music system is a Pioneer DVD-based touchscreen.

It also gets some performance modifications which include a Garrett turbocharger, intercooler, customized air intake, performance clutch, and customized exhaust system. See more pics of the Red Iron Honda Civic (external link)

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“Mojave” Gypsy

maruti suzuki gypsy custom photo

This Maruti Gypsy King 1.3 has had a complete body makeover. It has been given customized wide-body fenders which house huge 15-inch wheels with 31-inch mud-terrain tyres for hard core off-roading. IT also gets a 2-inch body lift all-around for better ground clearance. It has a customized short cabin with soft-top hood design. It has also been fitted with a 9000 pound winch for off-road recovery duties.

Engine modifications include a ported head, customized headers and exhaust and high-flow air intake. Interiors get customized bucket seats with leather upholstery with a sports steering and pedals. Find more pics of this modified Gypsy here  (external link)

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“Red Streak” Mitsubishi Lancer

car customisers in delhi and car mods

This car is rather simply and tastefully done. This Lancer is a real red-blooded rally car from the looks of it, although the mods are mainly cosmetic. It includes a custom body kit, with EVO4 inspired bonnet and grill. It gets twin projector headlamps, 15-inch alloys and clear lens component tail-lamps. The front bumper houses large Hella 700 fog lamps in typical Mitsubishi EVO style. The interiors get beige customized leather upholstery with new mats and re-finished dashboard. See more pics  (external link)

“Project Cruizer” Chevrolet Cruze LTZ

chevrolet cruze car customisation india

This 2010 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ has taken inspiration from the Ford GT 40 for its paint job, with the twin racing stripes. It is an automatic LTZ model which has now been given a healthy dose of power thanks to a digital diesel tuning box, hi-flow air filter, customized exhaust, and enhanced suspension with underbody and strut reinforcements.

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The rear gets LED tail-lamps, while the headlamps are xenon projectors with an LED daytime running lamp. The wheel rims have been upgraded to 17-inch alloys with low-profile 255/50 Yokohama Advan Sport tyres.

See more pics (external link)

Maruti Swift “KusToM”

maruti swift modded photo

Maruti Swifts are among the most often modified cars and with good reason, given its sporty performance and potential for modification. This Swift here has been given a complete air-brush paint job. It features a custom body kit and bonnet design. It gets smoked projector headlamps and LED tail-lamps. The bumpers have been extended and the suspension has been lowered slightly.

The Swift also gets some performance upgrades which include a customized air intake, exhaust and fuel injection system. See more pics (external link)

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“The Sith” Honda Accord

honda accord customisaton delhi

This is a 2010 Honda Accord that has been given a classy makeover. It includes a customized body kit with LED smoked tail-lamps, daytime running lights, and projector headlamps with halo rings. It gets 18-inch alloys with low-profile 245/40 tyres. It also gets a customized exhaust system. The biggest mods have been to the sound system with dual subwoofers, component speakers and four-channel amplifier. This car is a discotheque on wheels!

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27 replies

  1. Profile photo of Hari Loganathan
    Hari Loganathan answers:

    can i get audi kinda head lamps for da octavia lnk??

  2. Profile photo of Hari Loganathan
    Hari Loganathan answers:

    can i get audi kinda head lamps for da octavia lnk??

  3. Babychen Mathew answers:

    hari, you will have to talk to a car customiser to be sure.

  4. Profile photo of Devraj Maulick
    Devraj Maulick answers:

    the best and easy way to modify your car is simply reduce the weight due to which the performance will increase variably, for example remove normal parts and install carbon fiber spoilers or bonnet, also you can try some titanium mixed bolts due to which the relative weight decreases, and also you can install turbochargers or increase the air intake getting into the engine..although better get suggestion from a proper mechanic or modifier.

  5. Profile photo of Jeetendra Jagwani
    Jeetendra Jagwani answers:

    What is it that people like about daytime running lights? I hate them. At least to me they kinda cheapen the looks of a car. Even the new models of high end cars are coming with daytime lights. Super sad.

  6. Profile photo of petrohead
    petrohead answers:

    erm simplest should be to get a free flow exhaust and to replace the stock air intake system with a performance one

  7. Profile photo of Rahul Sonker
    Rahul Sonker answers:

    honda accord ,civic, suzuki swift, looks excellent in modification..

  8. Profile photo of محمد زهور علي
    محمد زهور علي answers:

    can i get bmw head lamp for mitsubishi lancer

  9. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    You mean twin projector headlamps with “angel-eyes” halo rings like the one in the red Lancer above? Yes, they are available aftermarket. Contact Arush of Autopsyche – he’s the one who has done these modifications.

  10. Profile photo of Sangram Pansare
    Sangram Pansare answers:

    Honda Civic Red Looks Killer

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  12. Profile photo of Kags Jack
    Kags Jack answers:

    I have designed my swift much better than the swift shown over here.

  13. Profile photo of johnsonjo
    johnsonjo answers:

    can anyone tell me sites wer i can get interior and exterior parts to modify my car

  14. Profile photo of Rådhëshÿåm RåjpùrØhít
    Rådhëshÿåm RåjpùrØhít answers:

    i am planning to have LED day time running lights in my car (ALTO 800 LXI). but am confused like what type of LED lights i should use and were i should put it??

  15. Profile photo of Tanveer H Khan
    Tanveer H Khan answers:

    I liked the Cruze most..!

  16. Profile photo of waseem300
    waseem300 answers:

    sir would you also provide the courses of modification or you know institution plz reply my gmail id is, and mobile no 919958148218

  17. Profile photo of Shonali Verma
    Shonali Verma answers:

    can esteem could be trnd into some swanky looking what would be the charges

  18. Profile photo of bikram12
    bikram12 answers:

    i want to modify my gypsy..please let me know
    1. how can i replace dashboard
    2.any option on bumber can i change the normal steering to power steering
    4. can i fit swift engine in this

  19. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    Yes, you can fit power steering in the Gypsy. Contact a modifier like Auto Attitudes (Noida) or Performance Auto (noida) or Autopsyche (Gurgaon) and they can easily fit it for you. You can get various engine options too.

  20. Profile photo of mehtabkhan
    mehtabkhan answers:

    Can I alto lxi doors open in up side

  21. Profile photo of Deepak Cool
    Deepak Cool answers:

    Can you modify New Maruti WagonR…please let me know i want to modify exteriors and want racing side kits and racing bumpers….

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