The Mahindra XUV500 is a very popular and value-for-money SUV going by the demand for the vehicle. It has over 22,000 bookings and a maximum of six-months waiting period in some cases for delivery. Yet, owners who got their vehicles early have begun to report some problems with the vehicle, which has made other buyers wary of taking a decision to buy it.

Here CarToq lists a collection of known issues and solutions with the Mahindra XUV500, taking a look at problems and fixes owners reported on CarToq and across forums.

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Problem: Noisy brakes

Owners report a grinding sound that emanates from the front brakes during normal braking. This is the sound of the pads gripping the discs, and sounds like trapped material between the pad and disc. This is quite widely reported.

Solution: Mahindra service centers generally open the brakes and clean the pads and refit, which is a temporary solution to the problem. Some technicians pointed out that this could be the sound of the ABS functioning on hard braking, but if the sound occurs on normal braking, it’s most likely due to accumulation of grime in the pads. Also read: Renault Duster vs Mahindra XUV500: How they are different?

Problem: Left foot touches steering column, when clutch is pressed

Owners report that when they press the clutch and turn the steering at the same time, they can feel the base of the steering column touch the front of their left foot.

Solution: This is a design fault in the XUV, with the clutch placed too close to the steering column. One should not use the whole foot to press the clutch, but use only the toe area of your foot on the clutch.

Problem: Hard clutch

Owners report that the clutch pedal is very hard to press on some XUVs. Generally, most XUV500s have a harder clutch compared to sedans and hatchbacks.

Solution: If the clutch feels too hard, get this checked. There is a flaw with the slave cylinder in the clutch assembly, which has been supposedly rectified in later models. Mahindra service centers will likely change the slave cylinder and/or master cylinder under warranty to fix this.

Problem: Central locking system does not function properly

Owners have reported that the central locking system sometimes fails to lock all the doors. Others say that after the car is locked, the alarm gets triggered automatically.

Solution: Get the doors aligned and make sure the trip switch gets pressed fully when doors are shut. Get the central locking system checked at the Mahindra service center. Check the alarm sensitivity as well. Read more: Mahindra XUV500 bags 4-star crash rating in Australia

Problem:  Infotainment system issues

Owners have reported multiple issues with the infotainment system on the XUV. Problems relate to USB drive not working, CDs not ejecting, to the GPS navigation software not working intermittently.

Solution: Most of the issues reported are software issues with the Infotainment system. Mahindra has a firmware upgrade for the infotainment system, which resets the software and should sort out the problem. If not, the infotainment system can be replaced under warranty. A temporary solution sometimes happens, by just switching the car off, locking it, unlocking it and restarting it.

Problem: ABS light keeps coming on

A few owners have reported that the ABS warning light keeps coming on intermittently. Some said it was on bad roads. Some have the light permanently on.

Solution: The problem is most likely with the AB sensors at the wheel, which has exposed wires. Sensor replacement fixes the problem usually. Otherwise, the car has to be hooked up to the diagnostic computer and error fixed through the software. Also see: XUV500 crash test.

Problem: Cruise control does not engage

Owners have also reported cruise control not engaging on the vehicle when needed. Sometimes, the cruise control does not work for the duration of a drive, until the vehicle is stopped and restarted.

Solution: This is a software issue with the ECU, and a flashing, resetting of the ECU would help. A temporary fix is to stop the vehicle, lock it, unlock it and restart the vehicle.

There are more problems such as failure of window winding mechanisms, bulbs fusing and poor alignment of the headlamps that have been reported. If you are an XUV500 owner, please share your experiences with the vehicle and any tips and fixes to problems you have seen. Also read: XUV500 vs Tata Aria

16 thoughts on “Mahindra XUV500: Known issues and solutions

  1. @Kaiserketkar , now that these problems are reported by CarToq itself, It is very clear that these problems do exist. To my knowledge I think other bands had recalled their cars for 1 or 2or 3 or 4 issues but with MM XUV500, there are a list of problems that really exist and the service ppl themselves are not sure of the solution. (Some technicians pointed out that this could be the sound of the ABS functioning on hard braking, but if the sound occurs on normal braking, it’s most likely due to accumulation of grime in the pads) This is something you need to make a note of as it is a important parameter with safety. Till date I have not come across any car with ABS making that noise. The technician themselves not sure of the noise. you never no if the ABS really works or malfunctions like the other features on the car. What confidence does it instill in u in that case. Now when in comes to reliability, only time can tell about this car because we already no the history of this brand. Now that you team itself has come up with this article related to the problems, you recommend this car just because its cheap, powerful n loaded with features where some don’t even work. I am not against Indian brands but quality of the product matters.

  2. These problems are no big secret that is now out. This article itself has been written almost 2 months ago.
    As far as my stand on this issue is concerned- this is it:
    I have never claimed that it’s a perfect vehicle. In fact, I do wonder myself if M&M might have done good to do a few more months of testing before launching it. It is also for this reason that I didn’t join in the mad rush to buy an XUV this past year and only bought it after it was niggle free. But I also know from personal experience that the underlying mechanicals are solid. And I can say with confidence that its an incredibly safe car as well. Even if you read the article you’ll find that most of these issues are from earlier batches of vehicles and have been rectified. The current crop of XUVs is almost completely niggle free.

  3. Since you keep going back to the brakes, lemme repeat- this is just a brake noise. It doesn’t affect the performance. I have been in a few situations in the past couple of months where i needed the brakes and ABS to function, and it’s worked like a charm. Brakes are one of the most important safety features and they need to be in perfect working condition.
    The Swift has had an actual braking problem and they weren’t effective in bumper to bumper traffic. Ford Figo and Classic were recalled for a brake problem that affected braking performance and could start a fire. And since we all agree that Toyota stands for reliability- i draw your attention again to the Fortuner’s brakes issue. As far as poorly informed technicians is concerned, go thru this [], and you’ll find that’s exactly what happened at Toyota as well- “The service manager told me its a 4×4 vehicle so the breaks will be like this only” & “and the staff at the showroom knew about this problem and did some bleeding work which hardly made a difference for 1week and gave me the same reason that suv’s are meant to have weak brakes which does not make sense at all”. And forget the mechanics, Maruti went on record effectively telling people they were driving wrong and the Swift’s brakes were fine.
    So will I recommend the XUV? Hell, yeah. Because it’s value for money [not cheap], very powerful, extremely comfortable, fully loaded and one helluva’ looker. And I will also recommend the Swift, the Figo, the Classic, and the Fortuner- because all these, the XUV included, are arguably the best vehicles in their respective segments.

  4. @Kaiserketkar, Now that u have explained, going with your word and I will have the confidence while breaking but imagine ppl who are not aware of these technical aspects, every time they brake, they are always in doubt because of all that noises. That actually happened to me while driving this car. frankly even after knowing so many aspects from you with regard to this car, I am still not sure of advice this car for some 1 else. Thhe power is doubt, the best and engine is very responsive. It does give u a feel of driving a very powerful saloon and yes the space is good but again my own friend is is suffering bcos of few problems with car which should have not happened. And is it true Ford classic had a brake problems cos i owned this car for sometime and never faced any problem with it.

  5. I have question for @Kaiserketkar & other XUV users. I am following this car from long. But after seeing the road conditions (gurgaon) its more like off road experience, finally decided to buy SUV. I saw all kind of complaints for XUV right from interiors quality, after sales Service,, Brakes, Gadgets issue etc etc.Is it really worth buying VFM “Xuv”. Moreover why people are still buying if this has some many issues, i heard owners saying it doesn’t give you a feel of 15lakh vehicle. I dnt want to buy Duster, Strome might be but again it doesn’t have any features… please advise i am planning to buy this by Diwali. thsnks

  6. @Rohit Sharma, If I understand you correctly, you want an SUV in the <15 lac segment. What exactly are your other requirements? Space, 5 seater or 7 seater, off road characteristics or city softroader, gizmos and features essential or not? Or do you want an SUV purely because Gurgaon road conditions are bad? Please clarify on thsese issues so you can get suggestions for a car that's perfect for you.

  7. @Kaiserketkar Yes right i am looking for SUV/MUV in 15 lac segment. i need 7 seater plus powerful engine & of-course off road capabilities .As i would be running more in gurgaon which is kind of off road experience, in rainy water logging to name few :).

  8. Well Rohit, considering that you’re not very keen on going in for the XUV or the Storme, with the Duster ofcourse off the table as well, there aren’t too many choices you’re left with. Of these, you have the Xylo, the Scorpio and the Aria to consider. The Xylo is the pretty comfortable, though the ride may be a little unsettling, the Scorpio looks and behaves like a true blue SUV and you’ll get a 4×4 also in your budget. The Aria is also a good car, more MUV-ish in it’s looks, but with good interiors and comfort. But all these three are likely to come with some degree of initial niggles being Mahindras and Tata- which you just have to grin and bear. Service also is not all that great with either of these.
    If you didn’t need a 7 seater, I’d have also suggested you wait for the Ecosport.

  9. my xuv 500 W8 bought in Jan 2014 gives alarm stop signal in display when we try to reverse without any obstruction…this does not happen regularly but happens sometimes.

  10. i really wanna buy XUV 500 but almost everyone i contacted told me not to. it seems the car doesn’t have a good road grip and there are greater possibilities of it overturning at high speeds. At times even while moving in a decent speed it quivers. Presumably it’s just not the car one would love to take for long drives -if that’s the case with it.(it is not entirely for long drives that i prefer to buy a SUV)
    and i absolutely have no clue if i could rely on the few changes that the company has made for those innumerable problems. If someone could plz help me out with this.

  11. I bought my XUV500 W8 one year ago (I’m in South Africa) and I have had the following problems. Brakes made the noise you’re talking about but the pads were replaced and the noise is gone! Great service by Dealer. Then about a month ago the all wheel drive did not want to disengage. Again great deraler service, the MTU (whatever that is) was…[Read more]

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