Maruti Suzuki is all set to showcase two new vehicles at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The vehicles in question are the Palette and the MR Wagon, both of these vehicles have engines of under 800 cc.

The two, however, will be priced above the Maruti Suzuki Alto, which is priced at Rs. 2.32 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Maruti clearly has no plans of challenging the Tata Nano with these products as initially speculated. Let’s take a closer look at both these cars and see what their unique proposition is.

Suzuki Palette

maruti suzuki palette

Looks: The Maruti Suzuki Palette has typical boxy, van like appearance with only the front standing out with its unique design. The Palette has sliding rear-doors like those on the Maruti Suzuki Omni and Eeco. It has a large glass area and looks rather attractive for a mini-van.

Performance and mileage: The Palette has a 658 cc petrol engine that belts out 52 Bhp of power at 6,500 rpm and 63 Nm of torque. It has a mileage of roughly 18-20 Kmpl for the automatic variant sold abroad and will come to India with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Palette interiors

Ride and Comfort: The Palette can comfortably seat five people thanks to its fully flat floor and will have ample leg and headroom for all passengers. Boot space, however, is compromised especially if all the seats are occupied.

Price: The Pallete will likely be placed above the Eeco and will start at around Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh. Also read: 13 sedans you will see at the 2012 Auto Expo

Suzuki MR Wagon

mr wagon exterior

Looks: In terms of looks the MR Wagon is boxy small car as its name suggests, but the sharp straight lines lend it a nice overall appearance. It looks very minivan-like and can be compared partly with the Wagon R. It has a cute looking front with a body-colored grille. The India specific model, however, may look slightly different.

Performance and mileage: The MR Wagon sold in Japan has a 658 cc 3-cylinder engine that produces around 53 bhp of peak power at 6,500 rpm and 63 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. The mileage of the MR Wagon is around 20 Kmpl for the automatic variants sold abroad but it India it will likely come with a 5-speed manual transmission. Maruti is also likely to give the MR Wagon a 998 cc engine in India.

mr wagon interiors

Ride and Comfort: It is difficult to say how the car’s ride will be before it actually hits Indian shores but it will be a comfortable car by far. It has spacious interiors and it’s dimensions suggest that both headroom and legroom will be aplenty.

Price: Actual prices are far from being disclosed, but considering the segment the car will be placed in and the size and features it has, we can safely assume that it will be priced between Rs. 3.3 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh.

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  1. Profile photo of Er Dinesh
    Er Dinesh answers:

    botr r impresive. . . Thank god they wont luk lyk . . Nano

  2. Profile photo of Albin Kurian
    Albin Kurian answers:

    GOOD.. but will be good taxis only…

  3. Profile photo of Adit Kapoor
    Adit Kapoor answers:

    brilliant! I was wondering why aren’t these mini wagons being launched? we are a perfect market for these joy boxes…VW has already developed a mini wagon based on the UP platform…even Nissan is planning to launch one…and the biggest surprise…the VW mini wagon has a diesel heart….and they are looking at a mileage target of 20+kmpl….so the thing is why is Mauti bringing these models with

  4. Profile photo of Sohaib Haider
    Sohaib Haider answers:

    gud 4 middle class ppl……and 4 taxis……………………..

  5. Profile photo of Jacob Renoj
    Jacob Renoj answers:

    what a waste.

  6. Profile photo of Hrishi Acharya
    Hrishi Acharya answers:

    Future Mumbais taxis……….

  7. Profile photo of Vikrant Wadhwa
    Vikrant Wadhwa answers:

    lets wait 4 autoexpo.

  8. Profile photo of Jacob Renoj
    Jacob Renoj answers:

    copy of the chrysler town cars gear liver.

  9. Profile photo of Karthi Gokul
    Karthi Gokul answers:

    very nice :)

  10. Profile photo of Arjun Jaidka
    Arjun Jaidka answers:

    jab ek gadha ek ghode ki leta hai tb yeh nikalta hai…

  11. Profile photo of Pawan Mohanbabu Pawan
    Pawan Mohanbabu Pawan answers:

    when it comes to bangalore I wat to booked out.

  12. Profile photo of Rohit Patil
    Rohit Patil answers:

    apni khud ki baat krha hai kya….??? hahahhaa

  13. Profile photo of Rohit Patil
    Rohit Patil answers:

    luks shitty but….small cars r the future of automobiles…… soon same scars will b launchd as electrical one’s.

  14. Profile photo of Jeetendra Jagwani
    Jeetendra Jagwani answers:

    The MR wagon looks cool..

  15. Profile photo of Charan Deepak
    Charan Deepak answers:

    really funny car!

  16. Profile photo of Harsh Ramani
    Harsh Ramani answers:

    nice carss

  17. Profile photo of Harsh Ramani
    Harsh Ramani answers:

    the front part of suzuki MR wagon is copied frm land rover.

  18. Profile photo of Jayakumar Kumar
    Jayakumar Kumar answers:

    its is Japan model but when come to India it have some changes in exterior. so wait for auto expo.

  19. Profile photo of Davinder Singh Randhawa
    Davinder Singh Randhawa answers:

    nice and beautiful cars, but in india WITHOUT DIESEL useless.

  20. Profile photo of Kranthi Pandiri
    Kranthi Pandiri answers:

    faltoo cars

  21. Profile photo of Arjun Jaidka
    Arjun Jaidka answers:

    Rohit Patil noo i ws awaree of it k koi na koi kutta billa mere comment ka koi aisa hi reply dega… so maine pehle se hi vo likh k rkha hua hai… jo ab tum ban gye ho….
    strange yaar tum human being ho yaa kch aur??
    coz gadha jb ghode ki lega tb definately koi insaan toh nai niklega…

  22. Profile photo of Charan Bhawnani
    Charan Bhawnani answers:

    I think the Pallete is a Practical urban car, but it could have been made more interesting to look at!

    on the inside, it looks practical with dashboard mounted gear lever freeing up space between the seats and the floor, secondly the flat floor at the rear adds convenience to the 3rd passenger. interiors are intresting too.
    looks like the rear seats slide too!

  23. Profile photo of Joshi Pradeep
    Joshi Pradeep answers:


  24. Profile photo of Sunil Yadav
    Sunil Yadav answers:

    very very good hai ya nahi.

  25. Profile photo of Vyasa Krishna Vinod Burugupalli
    Vyasa Krishna Vinod Burugupalli answers:

    MR Wagon R looks an indian version of Scion XB (Owned by Toyota in US)…
    and Pallete looks like Wagon R with flashy sunglasses…
    Maruthi will never learn :|.

  26. Profile photo of Neil Sarraf
    Neil Sarraf answers:

    oooohhh copy of LONDONS TAXI.
    & sure its gona b MUMBAI TAXI soon…..

  27. Profile photo of Rohit Patil
    Rohit Patil answers:

    Arjun Jaidka ppl r talkin abt cars here n kya usme aisa gadha ghode ki baat laa di bichme yaar,………i know it was a joke but still not cool bro…….!

  28. Profile photo of Arjun Jaidka
    Arjun Jaidka answers:

    Rohit Patil so dude it ws just a cmnt… chill ….!! wot i felt after wochin d car i wrote itt… wots d bigg deal??

  29. Profile photo of Albin Kurian
    Albin Kurian answers:

    But cars r by maruti. folks will buy them too..

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