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15 January, 2013: The new Maruti Suzuki WagonR is now launched with even higher claimed mileage! Click here for latest photos of its exterior, interior and get details!

Maruti Suzuki India has premiered the 2013 Wagon R in the Japanese market and may eventually bring this refreshed Wagon R to India as well.


The new Wagon-R is dynamically different yet is identifiable as a part of the Wagon R lineage. It sports large pulled back headlamps, a new rectangular grill with three thick chrome strips and large bumpers with an air dam upfront!

From the rear the new Wagon R is very similar to the older model but looks broader and taller due to the new bumper design. The tail lamps retain the overall shape of the older generation model with only subtle changes.

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On the inside it gets a new dual tone dashboard along with dash mounted steering wheel and gear knob. This gives the Wagon R a smarter look and creates more interior space as well.

The new Wagon R is 3.39 metres long which makes it shorter than the model presently being sold in India. This however does not mean that the cabin is any less spacious because the wheelbase remains unaltered at 2.4 metres. Also see: How to buy a used WagonR

The Wagon R that premiered in Tokyo sports a 660 cc 3-cylinder, petrol engine that makes 52 bhp (normally aspirated engine) and 64 bhp (turbocharged version). If and when the new Wagon R comes to India it will likely get the K series engine that does duty in the present Wagon R.


The company also showcased the Wagon R Stingray special edition in Tokyo although this model may not be launched in India. Also see: Photos of the future A-Star!

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  1. Profile photo of Saran Samiappan
    Saran Samiappan answers:

    The dash looks really cool but the Gear lever design may not suit manual shift that would most likely be available in India. Or if its going to be Dash mounted, then it should be redesigned like the ones in I10 or Ritz. On the exteriors, the Wagon R is much better looking. Its a perfect balanced design as it tries to appeal as a large car at the same time tries to hide its bulk…!!!

  2. Profile photo of Sîdharth
    Sîdharth answers:

    Good! It looks better now!

  3. Rohit Chauhan answers:

    Poor design changes. Nthn exciting to look at. :/

  4. Profile photo of Himanshu Arora
    Himanshu Arora answers:

    looks like a big box nothing exciting about it

  5. Profile photo of Pawan Prakash Mahajan
    Pawan Prakash Mahajan answers:

    why the hell they made this car?? Dabbaa!! bpxy vehicle!

  6. Profile photo of Johnson P K
    Johnson P K answers:


  7. Profile photo of Pawan Prakash Mahajan
    Pawan Prakash Mahajan answers:

    dont bring in india please!

  8. Profile photo of Romaan Ahmed
    Romaan Ahmed answers:

    The interiors r better than the exteriors

  9. Profile photo of Vineet Bhanot
    Vineet Bhanot answers:

    we all know that this car is not going make a debut here, as maruti are not going to replace existing wagonR for at least five-six years, this article is a complete waste of time

  10. Profile photo of Rishabh Chaudhary
    Rishabh Chaudhary answers:

    not a gud one design interiors are good only

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