Sagar Adasul asked the community which car petrol sedan he should purchase. He has a budget of Rs. 7 lakh and is considering the Nissan Sunny, Maruti Suzuki Dzire and the Hyundai Fluidic Verna. What car would you suggest for him?

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The Hyundai Fluidic Verna 1.4 VTVT Costs Rs. 6.99 lakh ex-showroom Delhi, so it will be a little out of Sagar’s budget. The Nissan Sunny XE seems like a nice choice for him as it costs Rs. 5.78 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

However out of all the cars he is interested in the best option seems to be the Maruti Swift Dzire ZXI which costs Rs. 6.39 lakh ex-showroom Delhi and at that price he will get the fully loaded top end variant. Sagar has not mentioned any other parameters for his purchase apart from price but if space is his main criteria then the Nissan Sunny is definitely the best bet.

The community has already pointed out that the new Dzire will likely have long waiting periods as Maruti is presently struggling with production issues. Another important thing would be the service cost and the Dzire has an edge over all others in this respect.

The Swift Dzire has a mileage of 18 kmpl, which is similar to the Sunny (17 kmpl). Other cars Sagar may consider include the Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 Duratec CLXi which costs Rs. 6.04 lakh and the Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 LT that will set him back by Rs. 6.69 lakh. What do you suggest for Sagar? Share your views.

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  1. Profile photo of Yogesh
    Yogesh answers:

    he sagar, stretch a bit ur budget &go for honda city(best car).otherwise swift dezire or etios makes good sense to go for.

  2. Profile photo of Prabhsimran Singh Kalsi
    Prabhsimran Singh Kalsi answers:

    If u want to buy petrol car only then spend one lakh more means upto 8lakh and go for honda city and if u cant then go for ford fiesta 1.6 its better than anyother car .

  3. Profile photo of Er Dinesh
    Er Dinesh answers:

    go fot linea…..or sx4 petrol…or strech some more for honda city….

  4. Profile photo of Andrea Gerard Gonsalves
    Andrea Gerard Gonsalves answers:

    ?1.6 fiesta classic if u like to drive

  5. Profile photo of Vishal N.C.
    Vishal N.C. answers:

    I’d actually recomment the honda Jazz… it’s real value for money and will meet all his aspects as it is quite a versatile car!

  6. Profile photo of Vishal N.C.
    Vishal N.C. answers:


  7. Profile photo of Mohit Mulvanshi
    Mohit Mulvanshi answers:

    Nissan Sunny. will better option.

  8. Profile photo of Sudip Kumar Chakraborty
    Sudip Kumar Chakraborty answers:

    jazz is the best option.

  9. Profile photo of Abhishek Gautam
    Abhishek Gautam answers:

    nissan sunny will be the best, It’s just not a car, it’s CAAR.

  10. Profile photo of Sayar Mehta
    Sayar Mehta answers:

    grow little bit your bugdet. nd go with honda city..

  11. Profile photo of Shivansh Sarthak Jindal
    Shivansh Sarthak Jindal answers:

    I am a bit biased towards not recommending a dzire…i personally find it uncomfortable and UGLY…and if it’s not a diesel then even impractical….Sunny is the perfect choice in this segment but you might have problems with the A.S.S….also do take the TATA Manza out for a drive…more features, better space (and even significant improvements in build quality from previous Tatas)..they have imp

  12. Profile photo of Manan Jain
    Manan Jain answers:

    u have a gr8 option under the price tag of Rs. lakhs i.e:-
    1.) Tata Indigo Manza second top model in disel.
    2.) Again Tata Indigo e-CS top model in Disel.
    3.) Maruti Swift Desire VDI.
    4.) Toyota Etios G disel.
    5.) Hyundai Accent Executive.

    i just prefer these car because of their service network are very strong and their spare parts availabe every where.
    My personal recommendation is to g

  13. Profile photo of Christian
    Christian answers:

    Jazz is not a sedan. Etios would be the answer to the petrol Sedan.

  14. Profile photo of Sawan Sharma
    Sawan Sharma answers:

    Bhai price to mention kar ,how much lakhs….

  15. Profile photo of Chinmay Naik
    Chinmay Naik answers:

    go take the jazz….or else honda city if your willing to raise your budget depending on what city u live in.

  16. Profile photo of Manan Jain
    Manan Jain answers:

    kkk sir price of RS. 7 lakh

  17. Profile photo of Manan Jain
    Manan Jain answers:

    mr. Sagar if u want luxury, comfort, spacious and technology u go for Tata Manza other wise my second choice is Hyundai Accent top model.

  18. Profile photo of Vikram Pugalia
    Vikram Pugalia answers: why not Dzire:)

  19. Profile photo of Davinder Singh Randhawa
    Davinder Singh Randhawa answers:

    dzire, if u can raise your budget only honda city in petrol segment.

  20. Profile photo of Vijay Garg
    Vijay Garg answers:

    sunny’s interior is ekdam bakwas 3rd class

  21. Profile photo of Kishore Kumar
    Kishore Kumar answers:

    take a look etios……..

  22. Profile photo of Rave Kris
    Rave Kris answers:

    Premium hatchback –> Honda Jazz (but 3-4 months delivery delay).
    Sedan –> Nissan Sunny.

  23. Profile photo of Hrishi Acharya
    Hrishi Acharya answers:

    hiiii frds please chk the question of d day clearly Which is the best petrol sedan under Rs. 7 lakh? those who have suggested Jazz I will like to tell u Jazz is a comes under hatchback category and its not a sedan.

    Mr.Sagar Adasul : I would like to suggest u that u can go for Verna 1.4, sx4, Linea are any time best options…..dnt ever go for Dzire u hv to compromise with space it is uncomfortabl

  24. Profile photo of Mirza Hyder Baig
    Mirza Hyder Baig answers:

    Please buy Nissan Sunny its owesome.

  25. Profile photo of Asma Riaz
    Asma Riaz answers:

    shuru kardiyae tumare marketing ke question and answers!

  26. Profile photo of Sagar Adasul
    Sagar Adasul answers:

    Thanks all for your suggestions… I may go for NISSAN SUNNY XL… But after a test drive…

  27. Profile photo of Christian
    Christian answers:

    DZire ( diesel) is good in terms performance having the ‘national engine’ under the hood but it is not a seamless sedan that has evolved from the Swift. Very ugly in looks. in comparison see outcome of the the Vento seamlessly designed from the Polo hatch!

  28. Profile photo of Kamal Chaudhari
    Kamal Chaudhari answers:

    Fiesta Classic!

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