Nisheet Prakash has an interesting question: Between the i20 Magna diesel (which is a big spacious car) and the Swift Dzire VDi (which is basically Swift with proper boot space), which is a better option?

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His monthly usage is only around 800 km, which is pretty low, and he wants to buy a diesel car. He says his budget is between Rs 5.5 lakh and Rs 7.3 lakh. Both the Swift Dzire and the Hyundai i20 fit into that price band.

But the cars as different as chalk and cheese. One is a Swift with a large boot (464 litre) while the other one is a premium hatchback that also offers decent boot space (295 litres).  The i20 is much-loved for its looks and the interior quality, while the Swift Dzire is a very popular small sedan for Maruti Suzuki thanks to its reliability and economy.

What do you think? With such a low running distance per month, should Nisheet buy a diesel car at all? And if he really is keen on a diesel, which of the two makes better sense for him? Share your suggestions.

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  1. Profile photo of Charan Bhawnani
    Charan Bhawnani answers:

    good 1, even i’m confused between the two.
    i20 has a 90 bhp engine, where as swift has a sporty setup! but im buying the swift!

  2. Profile photo of Er Dinesh
    Er Dinesh answers:

    wat u want a sedan or a hatchback ………thats matter …….both the cars were awsm…..

  3. Profile photo of Ajay Srinivas Raghavan
    Ajay Srinivas Raghavan answers:

    Swift Dzire, more practical as a sedan, with a large boot and the trust of a maruti. i20 is also good. But maruti scores in terms of after sales service and low maintenance. And in a country like India a sedan commands more respect. I would go in for swift if I had been in your situation.

  4. Profile photo of Saketh Ram
    Saketh Ram answers:


  5. Profile photo of Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh answers:


  6. Profile photo of Nisarg Patel
    Nisarg Patel answers:

    plus consider resale value of maruti

  7. Profile photo of Madhupam Bansal
    Madhupam Bansal answers:

    Running is too low to buy a diesel car. My suggestion would be to stick to a petrol engine. Given your budget (keeping in mind the fuel economy, space and features offered), I’d say that you go in for the Honda Jazz. Its new, boasts of a good 1.2l engine (89ps) which loves to rev! Of course its a Honda so what you get is sheer quality and reliability. Also the mileage is not bad. 16.5 is what the

  8. Profile photo of Ajay Srinivas Raghavan
    Ajay Srinivas Raghavan answers:

    i20 petrol is not a great car. The steering wheel wobbles at 100+ speeds where dzire scores. And for your running petrol will be the best option. So go in for dzire ZXI.

  9. Profile photo of Ajay Srinivas Raghavan
    Ajay Srinivas Raghavan answers:

    Ultimate comfort, extremely smooth engine, good ride and handling and the new jazz is loaded with features. Even the pricing is as competitive as any other hatch(thanks to localization of parts). Jazz is also a good option

  10. Profile photo of Lavish Thakur
    Lavish Thakur answers:

    you should buy i20.

  11. Profile photo of Shivraj Naik
    Shivraj Naik answers:

    Wait for some days for the launch of the new swift Dzire…Its more practical to go for it.

  12. Profile photo of Manish Pandey
    Manish Pandey answers:

    go for i20…it is realy…best in class….

  13. Profile photo of Mohammad Waseek Khan Kokkhar
    Mohammad Waseek Khan Kokkhar answers:

    i20 much better then swift dzire.

  14. Profile photo of Nirmal Nathaniel
    Nirmal Nathaniel answers:

    Buy a 105ps Polo(petrol) n enjoy the driving pleasure with good economy too.

  15. Profile photo of Hrishi Acharya
    Hrishi Acharya answers:

    I wld suggets you I 20 its the best car with quality material and like maruti it is also having a good network of services…compare to maruti quality of hyundai is good….hyundai is 2nd largest seller in India….Good looks and premiun hatchback.go for it………dzire is very common not a bad car if u want more boot space go for dzire..or else if u want more space in car with good looks and qu

  16. Profile photo of Sonu Nagpal
    Sonu Nagpal answers:

    with eyes closed,,, go for i20 deisel or even you can go for petrol variant of i20…i am suggesting petrol coz urrunning per month is too low…i20 is the best buy in it’s hatchback segment..

  17. Profile photo of Sonu Nagpal
    Sonu Nagpal answers:

    bro in today’s market hyundai and maruti are equaly standing..but in few areas maruti scores…but hyundai scores for its best acclaimed deisel engines compared to maruti..coz maruti cannot offer more power and mileage than there petrol variants..

  18. Profile photo of Aditya Pal
    Aditya Pal answers:

    imo,swift z a better option bro.

    baki its ur pov

  19. Profile photo of Sonu Nagpal
    Sonu Nagpal answers:

    bro hyundai has got the world’s best deisel engine in each of it’s segment..if you don’t know,,i tell you the technology they have got in deisel engines is known as CRDI which is adopted frm merc deisel engines knw as CRDE…so hyundai deisel engines are much more refined than maruti…

  20. Profile photo of Sonu Nagpal
    Sonu Nagpal answers:

    @[1099677915:2048:Aditya Pal] bro,,the car comparo taken here is not swift and i20,it is swift dzire…read it carefully..

  21. Profile photo of Aditya Pal
    Aditya Pal answers:

    arey haan yaar wahi.

    desire vdi.

    m talkin abt dat only.

    baki different people have different criterias for comparin da two cars.

    imo, ‘swift dezire vdi’ is a better option


  22. Profile photo of Aditya Pal
    Aditya Pal answers:



  23. Profile photo of Sonu Nagpal
    Sonu Nagpal answers:

    @[1099677915:2048:Aditya Pal] na..for me,,,i20 deisel..unbeatable car in it’s segment…with the deisel engine giving hving the most power in it than any other is even powerful than dzire vdi
    and claims the same mileage as dzire…

  24. Profile photo of Aditya Pal
    Aditya Pal answers:

    Ab ye debate clg mein milke karenge!

    too lazy to type here bhai


  25. Profile photo of Prashant Pal
    Prashant Pal answers:

    both are good cars but you go for i20 Magna Diesel.

  26. Profile photo of Somasundaram Krishnan Kutty
    Somasundaram Krishnan Kutty answers:

    No need to think. If your monthly average usage is around 800KM why think twice – go for Honda JAAZ! It is a classic HB for years of trouble free drive! Safe driving!

  27. Profile photo of Samik Roy
    Samik Roy answers:

    anytym i20 magna.

  28. Profile photo of Chetan Sanikam
    Chetan Sanikam answers:

    jazz is sexy n great carn good features but under powered engine:( wait for new cars two more months:)

  29. Profile photo of Manish Chauhan
    Manish Chauhan answers:

    my opinion is the best car between them is Swift Dzire VDi….:)

  30. Profile photo of Ajay Srinivas Raghavan
    Ajay Srinivas Raghavan answers:

    Maruti does not have a diesel engine. the engine they use is fiat’s Multijet which is practically used in every car(Indica vista, indigo manza, Fiat linea, fiat punto, dzire, swift, sx4, ritz). the engine is reliable, smooth, fuel efficient and trusted for a long life. The engine is peppy too.

  31. Profile photo of Madhupam Bansal
    Madhupam Bansal answers:

    Sonu Nagpal
    Accepted that it was the best when it came up with the Accent CRDi and the Verna Diesel!
    But where is the performance now? You may do a stint on highway with the 6 speed box but it hardly has the grunt for some spirited driving. Coupled to that the pathetic handling in relation to swift makes it a total no for me atleast! And how do you think one can live up with an economy of around

  32. Profile photo of Sonu Nagpal
    Sonu Nagpal answers:

    Madhupam Bansal madhupan bansal….bro i own i20 deisel..and it gives me 16 kmpl in city without ac..with ac it gives me 14 kmpl…so the car with the power of 90 bhp deisel engine,the mileage to that power in hatch is not bad..and in the highway,it touches arnd 21 according to me,mileage factor is gud…it also depends on the person that hw he/she drives..

  33. Profile photo of Madhupam Bansal
    Madhupam Bansal answers:

    agreed..but i think his major concern out here is a diesel returning 14 might put him in a tacky situation..

  34. Profile photo of Ram Ramesh
    Ram Ramesh answers:

    easy answer..the car u choose is simply more confusion..

  35. Profile photo of Ish Bali
    Ish Bali answers:

    I think Swift Dzire will be a better option but the problem is waiting period which is more than 3.5 months and the second option is i20 no doubt perfect car but no mileage why don’t u consider Tata Manza try it out very good option whether mileage or size what ever try it out if you like it…

  36. Profile photo of Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar answers:

    Now there are so many options in hatchback and saloon in both petrol and diesel options. It will depend upon what is the budget, between 4 – 5 (saloon) ritz is best option in petrol/diesel in terms of performance. 5-6 lacs leads by fabia which is real performance car. Saloon segment is lighten up by etios and sunny

  37. Profile photo of Sumit Sehgal
    Sumit Sehgal answers:

    Both are good cars… if someone wants comfort for rear passengers and also boot space.
    then Dzire is the best choice…Should go for diesal becoz petrol price are on hike…and you never know actually how much you will drive the car once you own :)

  38. Profile photo of Desparado
    Desparado answers:

    The new Dzire Compact Sedan is expected in February….Hang on.

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