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    Davinder Singh Randhawa answers:

    why not linea or sx4

  2. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    If after-sales and cost of spares is a big concern, you’re quite OK with a Maruti SX4 diesel. However, among the three cars you’ve picked I think the Sunny diesel is the best of the lot, looking at maintenance cost and comfort, while engine performance and mileage too are decent. However, Nissan is still in the process of expanding its service network. Vento and Rapid are good, but spare parts cost is on the higher side and not all customers have been happy with the service they receive.

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    Aravindhan answers:

    I would suggest you the cars in this order 1) SX4 diesel 2) Sunny diesel 3)Vento diesel and finally, 4) Rapid diesel.

  4. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Spares-wise, SX4 diesel is a clear winner here. Sunny diesel is a very value for money diesel car – but it is too new, and we don’t know spare parts issues or costs yet. Complete reliability and hassle free life, Honda City petrol AT wins – spares are costlier than SX4 etc, but nothing goes wrong with Hondas :)

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    Harleen Singh Rawal answers:

    I m askin fr DIESEL car pls…SX4 s good but th design seems dated, also safety features r only n th top model> pls assist t decide budget approx 9lacs

  6. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Sunny diesel, if space is important to you. It is extremely spacious. Otherwise, rapid and vento are the same car – but Rapid has more variants and you can pick one which is closest to your budget. There is absolutely no problem with Vento at all. Skoda service is also much better than before nowadays. Nissan is too new, so can’t say for sure about their service quality or long term maintenance. But the Sunny engine will give you no problem at all for sure.

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    Harleen Singh Rawal answers:

    Thanks Experts, sunny XLD s giving much better safety features although I like the crisp diesel engine f Rapid. But heard quite a few stories abt Skoda’s ASS & cost f spares… pls advise since I plan t keep my car fr loong! Thnks

  8. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Hi, Sunny is too new for us to asy anything about the long term maintenance of the car :( We need to see it at least for a year to figure out what kind of issues occur (if anything occurs). Buying any totally new car is a bit of a gamble! Recently we had a poll on our Facebook page about Skoda cars, and most Skoda owners said they faced no issues.

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    Anish answers:

    I am in the same dilema……need to chose between Sunny XV Diesel & Vento Diesel Highline. I am more inclined to vento because of drive and interiors……but vento has unmatched leg space. Rapid is out because skoda service is really bad & extremely expensive. facing a lot of issues with my Laura service.

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    Abhishek Gupta answers:

    vento is better brand value, looks, driving, milage, drving comfort.

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