Fiat although providing technology to others is still strugling for sales in India, Why?

12 thoughts on “Why is Fiat still struggling in terms of sales?

  1. Primarily three reasons: baggage from the past, which means Fiat has to work DOUBLY hard to make up; minor quality niggles although fundamentals like mechanicals and suspension are very good and thirdly, lack of knowledge and enthusiasm of the authorised service centres!

  2. People still don’t trust Fiat as a brand in India, although that has improved quite a bit thanks to the Punto and new Linea. People still opt for safer brands like Maruti, Hyundai and Tata. However now more and more people are getting aware of the fact that several popular cars we see on Indian roads have Fiat’s famous mulitjet engine. Also with independent dealerships and service centers being put in place, Fiat will hopefully be able to overcome these obstacles!~

  3. @ Siddhartha is right. Things might change a bit now that Fiat has opted for exclusive showrooms. So far salesmen were directing people towards Tata cars even when customers wanted a Fiat.

  4. I have personally had an interesting conversation with a dealer’s sales manager who told me why the Manza was better than the Linea! I also feel Fiat needs models in the B segment (4-6 lakhs) and D segment (best bet is the 2012 Palio and the Bravo 1.9MJD). Just 2 models is not enough for an independent showroom to attract people. Let them keep them the Bravo to draw attention!

  5. I think Fiat needs a 4-lakh rupee car (the Palio) with 1.3 MJD ASAP. The 1.3 MJD 90 HP should be made standard. The Linea should get a 1.6 MJD and a T-Jet petrol for the niche buyer. And they need a Bravo (four door) to take on the Laura. Just two models dont cut it.

  6. These are the reasons: — Only two models, in which punto is a outdated model(in europe new punto arrived 3 years ago), Punto is overpriced, specially when you dont have a great brand to work with. Linea had too much of a competition to bear with. Poor after sales n service record. Linea hasnt got a much needed facelift. only two models wont give u volumes and offcourse sub 4 lakh car.

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