Guys I need to know about the  maintenance cost and performance of the Cruze. Is it worth buying or should I go for the Skoda Laura? I am looking for a diesel.

17 thoughts on “How is the Chevrolet Cruze overall?

  1. Cruze is the best sedan when compared to Altis if you drive and altis is best for chauffeur driven because it has loads of space at rear seat than Cruze.Skoda Laura cannot touch cruze

  2. buddy, a simple answer. If u love driving most then Skoda Laura is ur choice. Its rides well handles gr8 with gr8 performance too compared to Cruze. Only u ve 2bare with its maintenance issues(costly). Or else Cruze is also a gud option.

  3. Cruze is definitely Value for money. I have mine for the last 2 years and the regular maintenance is the only thing I have done till now. All other times, it is just fill it up and let it burn the roads…

  4. Chose to Cruze,,, company certainly picked the correct line,,, it has the feel if you are a drive freak… Laura is just car… if looking on options, you can check Volkswagen ! 😀

  5. Cruze is nice car in the class.. and maintenence is moderate and performance is good, Skoda laura is also good car to compare with. But cruze is somewhere a strong car as it has got nice exterior feels like a muscle car..and no doubt its a diesel rocket..and i tell u it is true.

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