hai frnds…
right now iam bit confused about taking a new diesel hatch
whether I should go for polo1.2highline or punto1.3 emotion or punto1,3 90hp emotion??? pls reply guys..

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  1. all three cars are extremely different in terms of performance. as an overall package, the polo seems the best. i’l give u a general overview – POLO – good engine but slightly unrefined as it is a 3cyl. very comfortable. neutral handling. spacious and enjoys an upmarket status. PUNTO 1.3 – excellent engine, great looks. very comfortable plus amazing handling. but not very spacious and TATA service not upto mark. PUNTO 90hp – same as the normal punto but very powerful and thus even better to drive. but let down by TATA service and is 1 lakh more expensive. If u are a very enthusiastic driver and price is not an issue then punto 90hp is the best but if u want a good spacious family car go for the POLO.

  2. Saurabh, they are mostly equal. Qualitywise, from what I hear, Polo is better. So parts are a bit more expensive, but usually you don’t need to replace anything. Punto – I believe parts are a bit cheaper, but you face very small occasional problems with plastics, bulbs etc. In practice, I don’t think you will find any noticeable difference. Mostly they are both fine cars. Let us see is anyone else has any inputs.

  3. If you have a good Service Centre near you, the Punto is a good choice. The spares are priced reasonably, the car is efficient and the engine is a gem. Buy 75 HP for city driving and 90 HP for Highway driving. VW spares could be expensive (some Rs 20,000 for an alloy wheel!) + no free services.

  4. Both cars will do quite well for you. You have to test drive to be sure that you are happy with the power and comfort though. Like Siddhartha says, VW spares might be expensive but how often will you change an alloy wheel? For a careful driver, not even once in 5 years. I have been driving my car for 4 years now without replacing a single part anywhere.

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