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  1. Profile photo of Viplav Deshpande
    Viplav Deshpande answers:

    Between the 2 you have stated, i20 is a better choice

  2. Profile photo of Prateek Dhiman
    Prateek Dhiman answers:

    Ride quality fun to drive – Punto……….. interiors i20

  3. Profile photo of Rahul Chellani
    Rahul Chellani answers:

    For driving pleasure and ride quality gor for Punto. For reliablity and good afer sales serive go for i20.

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    journeyman answers:

    Punto is the best car to go with as many have suggested and i20 has loads of equipment list where you can also go with that but both have respective issues:
    Punto has A.S.S problems as it is tied with Tata which is the main cause for lower sales number but a good car to drive as others said here
    I20 still has steering rattling issues where hyundai guys still doesn’t know where the problem lies

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    Chinmay Naik answers:

    y not take the swift good handling…if chauffer driven then i20..i20 crdi 1.4 gives a good 20kmpl

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    Arun_Tharayil_Unnikrishnan answers:

    u could wait till both punto evo and the fluidic i20 is launched then decide

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    Yadhoo Charuvil answers:

    India probably wont see Punto evo in 2012. Go 4 punto aftr the jan 3rd upgrades. Fiat will have separate showrooms by 2012 end, service will be better. Tata service isnt bad everywhere, just ask fiat owners in your area. Punto is easily the best diesel hatch.

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    Aditya_Upadhya answers:

    Thank you guys . i can see dat most of the votes goes for punto, but i have heared that it has really bad ground clearance. is it so….??

  9. Profile photo of Yadhoo Charuvil
    Yadhoo Charuvil answers:

    Now its 171 mm.. Also there is a thick engine guard.. Better ground clearance is sure after upgrades. Some websites predicts 185 mm or195 mm (GC of SX4 is only 190mm)!! Wait 4 jan 3rd.

  10. Profile photo of Aditya_Upadhya
    Aditya_Upadhya answers:

    guys booked i20 magna model. taking delivery on 1 jan12.

  11. Profile photo of Aditya_Upadhya
    Aditya_Upadhya answers:

    i guess the experience would be good.

  12. Profile photo of Zuhaib_Ahmed
    Zuhaib_Ahmed answers:

    you got it ryt mate…..how much is it costing you !!

  13. Profile photo of Aditya_Upadhya
    Aditya_Upadhya answers:

    638000 with insurance from himachal

  14. Profile photo of Yadhoo Charuvil
    Yadhoo Charuvil answers:

    Wish u happy miles mate. I20 facelift looks overstyled, better to buy current version.

  15. Profile photo of Aditya_Upadhya
    Aditya_Upadhya answers:

    thanx @yadhoo

  16. Profile photo of Anil Anupam
    Anil Anupam answers:

    When is the launch date of i20 fluidic ?

  17. Profile photo of Kammlesh Bbhagtani
    Kammlesh Bbhagtani answers:

    Dude check out the new Punto,quality wise any time european cars,its a rock solid vehicle,go ahead,I20 is the poor cousin of Punto,appears european but no mannerism of it.

  18. Profile photo of Mayur Dua
    Mayur Dua answers:

    punto has got zero resale n heavy mainatainence…so if u r rich to bear d cost den punto…..but at d same time i20 sportz has got awesum features,good resale n low maintainence.

  19. Profile photo of Rohan Chavan
    Rohan Chavan answers:

    dude i will suggest you i20 it has good features and sober looks and also hyundai launching fluidic i20 so you can wait for that option.

  20. Profile photo of Ashwani
    Ashwani answers:

    I would say,, you should go with your heart in this comparison 😀 I believe both are more or less equivalent…

  21. Rohan Acharekar answers:

    A.S.S is only a problem for Punto, otherwise its the awsome to ride from the two..

  22. Profile photo of Monsoor Choudhury
    Monsoor Choudhury answers:

    i 20 obs …….coz aftr sales service is also gud in case on hyundai…….fiat-tata is a joint venture so tata ppl vl always gv pref on tata cars den on fiat on aftr sale srvce.

  23. Profile photo of Puneet Singh
    Puneet Singh answers:

    i20 asta with abs is better

  24. Profile photo of Nitin
    Nitin answers:

    Mr. Mayur, who told you that Punto’s maintenance is high. I can bet that it almost 50% of i20. Hope you would not belive, but you always can check for actual price. I am a owner of Punto and it has crossed 35K so far. I can say its a excellent machine. May be its a bit slower on red lights due to the way its tunned but its not exactly the place to race.

  25. Profile photo of Nitin
    Nitin answers:

    Mine is petrol 1.2 and I’ve got 23.6 kmpl as best millage so far on highway. But I’ce acheived 21 kmpl more than 10 times that too for 150+ kms. Best speed I’ve closed 170 kph.

  26. Profile photo of Nitin
    Nitin answers:

    On otherside, my cousin has Fludic Verna , I can braking system in this vechicle is just horrible. I am saying this on the basis of braking system of my punto. Also, F.V. has lot of vibretion in floor. In last we should say something only on the basis of facts. Don’t take words from mouths of others. Apply your brain , test cars yourself and then say something.

  27. Profile photo of Jithin Joel Jacob
    Jithin Joel Jacob answers:

    Hyundai is going to change brakes and suspension in upcoming versions of verna

  28. Profile photo of Johnson P K
    Johnson P K answers:

    i think PUNTO is da best…..bcoz very good comfortable,very good luxury,very good safety & very good handling…i know A.S.S.problem with PUNTO…but u want long time use go with PUNTO.

  29. Profile photo of Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar answers:

    You want quick accelarations and all kinds of gadjets, then I20 suits…. but if you want long time use and a highway speed killer, then Punto is something and i20 doesnt come close at all… I m suggesting you about Punto 90BHP model if you have daily highway travels… If you only have city use, take i20

  30. Profile photo of Anurag Singh Chaudhary
    Anurag Singh Chaudhary answers:

    bad choice… i20 sucks…punto rocks,,

  31. Profile photo of Uday Kiran Uppalapati
    Uday Kiran Uppalapati answers:

    punto ………. obviously …… coz of its high standards of safety as per European standards ……. and superb design …….. i am very happy with its calm performance …….. i also hav i20 but am regretting coz of its poor ride quality,comfort and its poor fabrics.

  32. Profile photo of carcraze
    carcraze answers:

    @Aditya Upadhya: can you please share your 3 months of experience with i20? i’m also confused with these models. i really liked swift but its 6 months waiting period is draw back for me.

  33. Profile photo of banned.arora
    banned.arora answers:

    Punto has some low quality plastics especially in height-adjustable seat belt latch and parcel trays. Steering mounted audio controls are offered only in top end Emotion variant. Rear headroom might be a bit of concern for six foot plus persons. Fiat need to emphasize on the after sales part as well to boost its car sales.

  34. Profile photo of Pankaj Vinayak
    Pankaj Vinayak answers:

    punto is a piece of shit….once it is got some prob ..it will keep on repeating…..very high maintenance….no looks….

  35. Profile photo of Jignesh Patel
    Jignesh Patel answers:

    People who have no experience in driving or know nothing about driving will say that Punto is pathetic. It is best hatch you can buy in india new model has Good quality plastics and it has superb gound clearence. And please mind it maintenance of punto is very low almost 50% low compare to i20.

  36. Profile photo of Prateek Dhiman
    Prateek Dhiman answers:

    someone said punto has no looks!! wow… rofl.. guys what do you say? do i need to add anything here?

  37. Profile photo of Siddhartha Mishra
    Siddhartha Mishra answers:

    I am amazed how everybody here has such extreme reactions about the Punto. In terms of design and engineering it is a cut above all other hatches and has the most mature (big car-like) ride and handling. It does have a few problem areas, like an occasionally inconsistent after sales service experience. Consequently, the resale value suffers. The Punto has one of the cheapest spare parts prices in its segment. Labour cost is not high either. Now its only a call between a ‘SAFE’ choice with better interiors and rear space or a ‘DIFFERENT’ choice with a more mature engineered car.

  38. Profile photo of Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar answers:

    I say Punto will last longer and better than the 120… From my experience of driving the 75Bhp Punto, its a hectic car to drive in the city… Parking is a little hard due to the weight and road presence and the width.. 120 is nimble in city in terms of handling and driving in city limits… When it comes to highway, the Punto scores much over the 120 in quicker accelarations and great cruising comfort and drivability…. As for the 120, it is simply shamed in the highway when it comes to top speed handling, accelarations while overtaking etc…. And the 120 never gets close when it is trying to catch up with a 90BHP Punto… I have driven all the 3 cars and have my various opinions…. :) :)

  39. Profile photo of Prateek Dhiman
    Prateek Dhiman answers:

    well i guess people have extreme reaction about Punto coz they know what a true engineered car it is. :) and no offense but poor after sales service had nothing to with car but with poor management . Fiat has eventually gone away from TATAs… more over i believe in trying out first rather blatently saying its not a gud car..

  40. Profile photo of Swaroop Sp
    Swaroop Sp answers:

    I own i20 1.4 CRDI. Comparing a i20 with punto is like comparing a hovercraft with a horse. Although i agree that the pickup and acceleration of Punto is higher than i20, when it comes to comfort, suspension, drive quality and “The car-feel”, it is nowhere near to i20. Punto can be compared with the Indian cars like swift. But, when it comes to international feel, i20 rocks. The most hilarious feature of Punto is the position of windshield wiper lever and the left-right Indicator lever position. ROFL…Doesnt make any sense whatsoever.

  41. Profile photo of Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar answers:

    Swaroop SP : Hey, please note that Fiat makes European standard features… That is Left hand driver foccued.. As for India, now the 2012 Punto is excellent… Better AC, Best in class ground clearance and the top model 75 BHP is at just 7 Lakhs with everything you can ask for a car of that price… Its not that I m against 120, but since the bitter experience of plenty of Hyundai Accent CRDI and the Verna CRDI have proved that despite all feaures and quality, they all had huge maintenance bills even when they had nice mileage and great comfortable features…

  42. Profile photo of Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar answers:

    Better check the cost of the timely oil filter change at the specified KMS with your friend’s diesel car… Just cross check the cost and find the result… I m very sure that Hyundai charges you the most when compared to Fiat and Ford…. VW is an exception… Its a car for the rich people…. 😛

  43. Profile photo of Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar answers:

    Punto is much more heavier than the 120… Better stability at triple digit speeds… Its just not how fast you climb the speeds, but how fast your car reacts when you need quick overtaking in the city or highway… In that aspect maybe i20 is better….. :)

  44. Profile photo of Kritesh Chouhan
    Kritesh Chouhan answers:

    why a lots of people like swift ? why not like punto compear to swift ?

  45. Profile photo of Jignesh Patel
    Jignesh Patel answers:

    Swaroop SP : Sir first of al i will make something clear that Punto is well eshtablished product globally not i20 in many international market nobody buys Hyundai same as Suzuki. Suspension setup of i20 is so soft its not confortable next engine durability MJD is light year ahead of CRDi. So Yes i20 is good but Punto is Bes or you can say Better then the Best.

  46. Profile photo of Kritesh Chouhan
    Kritesh Chouhan answers:

    i will book a swift vdi tomaro..

  47. Profile photo of Lazy Tourer
    Lazy Tourer answers:

    @Nitin.. How do you manage such high figures with Punto 1.2 Petrol.. I am unable to get more than 12/13 without AC in Kolkata city even with really control driving.. Where as best was around 21kmpl for me at around 70kmph in GQ stretch but in normal driving, its really hard for me obtain more than 10/12 in city where as 14/15 in highways !!

  48. Profile photo of Ashu Varma
    Ashu Varma answers:

    @ Aditya..how’s the experience in your i20 crdi so far.

  49. Profile photo of jubins210588
    jubins210588 answers:

    Bro……..first thing when it comes to ground clearance….you are not gona take your hatchback for an off roading……these cars are built as per Indian roads….never worry……….

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    pnkj answers:

    I tink u hv to choose i20 Dsl .tat fanstatic evn mor tan otrs….

  51. Profile photo of Santosh Hs
    Santosh Hs answers:

    Punto is car coming from Italy !
    And i20 is toy car from Korea !!
    I am driving Punto since 2012 and its just awesome …
    i20 fluid and elite also driven but they never feel grounded ! Very light steering doesn’t interests any enthu driver.
    Honestly i20 better than punto only in rear space & music quality :p …
    Rest all aspects punto is miles ahead of i20 ….period!

    PS: if u need gadget then buy i20, but if u need car then punto :)

  52. Profile photo of Shashank Bh
    Shashank Bh answers:

    punto is a real car it has all what it needs to be a car .. comparing punto with i 20 is like comparing i phone with micromax phones like in 20000 we get all the features and more mexapixel than iphone .only true car enthusiasts can understand punto.

  53. Profile photo of Rodrigues Robert
    Rodrigues Robert answers:

    Punto is a driver’s car !!!go for it ,…it has a powerful 90hp diesel motor !!

  54. Profile photo of Rodrigues Robert
    Rodrigues Robert answers:

    Punto is a driver’s car !!!go for it ,…it has a powerful 90hp diesel motor !!

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