Hi friends/experts. First, thank you for your previous answers. My new question would be: what is it known or rumour about the next generation 2013/2014, completely new one of Suzuki Grand Vitara ?

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  1. This Grand Vitara is apparently being built on the Kizashi platform, and would be lighter and a monocoque chassis. It is expected to be showcased next year at one of the international motor shows. No news of when it will come to India. The Vitara’s failing in India is the lack of a diesel engine – otherwise it’s a fantastic SUV, and I see it as better value than a Honda CRV.

  2. I think Maruti is not in any hurry to bring the Vitara to India, considering their sad sales figures for it. They may not even bother, and might be focusing all their effort on bringing the XA ALpha concept SUV to take on renault duster and ford ecosport.

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