Hi, I am confused between the Hyundai i10 Magna, Honda Brio SMT and Maruti Suzuki Ritz Zxi. I want the car for short trips, my budget is Rs. 5 lakh and my monthly run may be around 500 kms with mostly city driving.

15 thoughts on “Confused between i10, Brio and Ritz!

  1. The Ritz ZXi is the most loaded of the lot, with airbags, ABS, alloys, for just about Rs. 5 lakh ex-showroom. It’s slightly taller and helps with visibility in city traffic.

  2. The Honda Brio is the most desirable car in your list while the Ritz is the most value for money and practical option. The i10 floats in the middle if you want both good looks and the peace of mind a wide service network brings with it :)

  3. I will suggest you to opt for i10 due to it is better looking & more powerful(good acceleration) for city-driving. It has a decent mileage also. On the other hand, Honda Brio has a very smooth engine & but fails on the seating comfort (atleast I felt when I took a test drive). Next-Gen Ritz is round the corner, so you may wait and then decide. The current Ritz has nothing extra-ordinary as compared to i10 & Brio.

  4. Very difficult to choose between these three! Maruti service network and peace of mind, its the Ritz. Brio is a very good city car, we drove it and really liked it. Check out our video review here http://youtu.be/08z0_9LBU20 I personally have become bored with the i10.. seen it around for too long! Seating comfort is a personal preference, so I suggest you drive the Brio and see if you like it.

  5. This one is interesting!!! The Ritz is the most feature packed and value of money car among the three you mentioned and is, of course, backed by Maruti’s service. An updated model is in the pipeline as well. I, however, suggest you go for the Brio. This little Honda provides almost illegal amounts of fun for the 5 lakh you pay for it. It is best suited for short city trips and few cars are as reliable as a Honda. The interiors are good looking and surprisingly spacious and the audio system sounds pretty decent as well.

  6. I think the Brio is pretty decent vfm as well. They are asking a fair price what what they are giving. FE is more a function of driving habits than the car itself but this car is right up there with the others thanks to its light weight and that Eco lamp

  7. Both cars have acceptable ride quality at lower speeds, decently comfortable. Both get a little choppy doing speeds on uneven roads. So, similar ride quality. Stability is better on the Brio.

  8. The engine and mechanical refinement on the Brio is best in class. Wind noise is very well contained. Tire noise is an issue but that is primarily because of the choice of tires. MRF ZVTV is well known to be an economical, durable, puncture resistant tire that also happens to be very noisy and does not offer much grip. Shift to proper Michelins or Yokohamas to enjoy a silent drive.

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