Hi, I am looking for a hatchback. This would be a ‘family of 4’ car. The requirement is good ride quality, comfort at the back seat, features and Mileage. I have short listed Brio, Polo, Swift and Figo – Which on would you suggest is a good choice off these?

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  1. Praveen
    Since you’ve mentioned the Brio, I assume you’re looking for a petrol. In that case, the one car that fits your requirements is the Jazz. The mileage is marginally lower compared to the say the Swift or the Polo, but otherwise, it’s really the best hatch.

  2. @Kaiserketkar – Yes, it is the petrol that I am looking for – Jazz is indeed the best hatch… but somehow i feel this would be a tad costlier and is tad ‘big’ than the choices that I have made!

  3. The cheapest among your choices would be the Figo here. Big car space for small car money, but not too powerful (petrol variant). The most easy to drive is the Brio, but doesn’t have luggage space. Swift too isn’t great on luggage space, but it is peppy. Polo and Jazz – are in similar price bands – I would also suggest Jazz here. The other thing is you can get the Figo diesel Titanium at slightly more than the Swift ZXi (petrol) price – at about Rs. 6.6 lakh on-road (Rs. 6 lakh ex-showroom).

  4. Not really, size wise i mean. it’s more or less comparable to the ones you’ve listed. It’s the same size as the Polo, while compared to the Swift, it’s the same height and width and 5 cms more in length.
    And price wise again, it’s comparable to the Polo but about a lac costlier than the Swift and Figo [comparing top end variants]. So if you’re in the Swift/ Figo range, then you can pick up either depending on whether you prefer driving pleasure or space respectively. If you however can stretch your budget and include the Jazz, you get the best of everything.

  5. Figo->Swift/Polo->Brio…I don’t know why people are running behind Brio…unconventional looks and no luggage space or else install a carrier on your car…lol

  6. @Roshun, @Kaiserketkar: I presume both of you are Jazz fans! -> very rightly so – But Jazz basic model is at 6.6 ex-SR in Bangalore – way beyond my budget – unfortunately I don’t think I can afford one at this point of time
    I believe POLO high-end is 5.8 ex SR in Bangalore and they have a 0% interest offer too : does this make a good buy? Swift is everyones’ fav – style, comfort, peppy and after sales service makes it a whole package – POLO has only style and drive quality going for it: heard the ppl at the back will suffer on long drives because of the lack of space!! is that true?

  7. yeah style and drive quality, but the polo also has the build quality going for it. and if you want driving pleasure as well, then go for the 1.6 petrol.
    the back seat space is a little less, but i have sat in it and it’s not really uncomfortable. to add to it, the ride quality is great- so not much problems there.
    between the options you have in mind, i’d suggest the polo or the swift. between those two, go with what your heart tells you.

  8. booked Figo ZXI yesterday and i must say the new revamped FIgo has much more comfortable seats (both front and rear), refined engine and good head lamps, much more leg room than overrated swift and more than polo too…was to go for polo but dropped the idea as polo new engine is coming in 2013 and will exceed my budget and i did not want 3 cyl engine…dropped swift as it is most overrated car in india with no boot, no legroom and poor ergonomics for driver seats..

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