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  1. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    Of the three you have mentioned, the Nissan Sunny diesel is the most value for money. It is big on space, great on mileage and has a decent amount of features. The top-end Sunny diesel XV will be a little over Rs. 9 lakh on road. It has better power and torque specs than the Fiesta Classic diesel.

  2. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Not Verito – too basic, and unpopular. No resale value. Fiesta Classic diesel is a capable car, but again quite old. might be discontinued in a while, and then there might be a spares problem. So considering everything, Sunny diesel fits your needs I think.

  3. Shreyans Jain answers:

    Diesel in 7-9….. Sunny, Rapid or Linea. Sunny for space n ease of driving. Rapid is better built and significantly more powerful. And drives better too. But my personal favourite is the Linea. It has THE best build quality, THE best looks, THE best ground clearance and excellent driving dynamics. Linea 1.3 Emotion costs a little over 9 lakh and quite loaded.

  4. Profile photo of Rishabh P Nair
    Rishabh P Nair answers:

    The Nissan Sunny is a better choice as it is a good package overall. If you are planning to drive and lot then the Fiesta is a more driver oriented car.

  5. Profile photo of Jignesh Patel
    Jignesh Patel answers:

    Checkout 2012 Linea. Put all the myths behind and check once. Its a beautiful car with everything a person can ask from a car.

  6. Profile photo of Sushalu Rathna Sudhakar
    Sushalu Rathna Sudhakar answers:

    fiesta classic would be the apt choice. since u r a bit concerned about budjet fiesta gives u the maximum kmph. it’s fuel efficient. u should go for fiesta classic………….

  7. Profile photo of Anupam Bhatnagar
    Anupam Bhatnagar answers:

    My Choice would be Sunny Nissan , Ford Fiesta , and Verito

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